Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chateau de Fleurs Fabrics

Fabric strips are cut and stashed. Same pattern I used for the Bittersweet quilt, very easy five strip block. The quilt uses 80 eight inch blocks and finishes at 60" x 75".  I can't wait to see a few sewn blocks put together on my design wall.
This fabric collection felt like it was printed on a heavier cloth. I layered two fabrics for cutting, it was very hard to push a brand-new blade across four pieces of fabric.
Anyway,  I'm determined to get borders sewn onto a few tops before starting something new (hard for me to stash this kit). Motivation for finishing UFO's.
Ruby.  She is such a dear, very cuddly and charming.  But we have discovered an unsettling "thing" about her.  She is a very committed scrounger, counter surfer and down-right thief.  Ruby has no qualms about jumping up onto counter tops or tables to steal food. Ruby will eat items that smell of food.  Yesterday I saw her grab a napkin left next to my laptop.  I said a stern, "No Ruby"!  She just ran behind the kitchen island and proceeded to wolf down the paper napkin.  She was just a few steps away but by the time I was able to pry her mouth open, the napkin was half way swallowed.
 Last night DH pulled out the old wire crate from shed. I've hosed it off and tonight it comes inside.  I'll make it very comfy and inviting for Ruby.  Goodness knows how she has lived this long with her dangerous habit.

The new chicks are growing fast. The last few days I've put them outside in the bantam run.  It has two large branches and the chicks enjoy running up and down while flapping their little wings.
 That's Corkey (dad) down below with his hens.  He is a brightly colored (Millie Fleur) Belgian Bearded d'Uccle cock.  The chicks are taking after dad as far as coloring, that's for sure.  All have heavily feathered legs and feet too.

Today is very windy, chicks feathers are blowing, making a blurry photo.  I'll put these four out later when I get home.  Night time crate is too small for wing flapping and practice flying.
Ran out of poodle food last night so the poo-kids are not happy with me.  I'll load them all into the jeep and drive us up to a little feed store in Huachuca City.  You know, they love to ride!


  1. Your fabrics are lovely! Can't wait to see this one.:)

  2. Great photos today, Deb! Fabric, dogs and chickens......perfection! I laughed out loud at Ruby. And just look at that innocent face! LOL

  3. I was glad to read about Ruby's food issue. I adopted a small poodle and he does the exact same thing. He's gotten on the counter and taken 1/2 a pizza behind the couch. There once was a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich devoured under the bed. Napkins and bags are horrible. The rule in our house now is that the remants of anything food related need to go in the kitchen trash that has a heavy lid. My bet though is if something smells good enough that lid really isn't going to buy me anything.

  4. Awwwwwwww I wonder if poor Ruby was hungry or had to be a scrounger in previous times - sad :( Those chicks in the last picture would make a great colour scheme for a quilt, lol!

  5. Love your Ruby! Hopefully, she will get adjusted and learn your house rules. Cant wait to see your quilt creations! Love your chickens! I have never seen this kind and they are beautiful!

  6. I'm behind on reading blogs, been a busy few month here. That is scary about Ruby! She must have been really hungry to develop that behaviour, breaks my heart. Sending big o'l Ruby hugs to you and the gang. How did she do with the crate? I think your quilt is going to be stunning, love hte fabrics!