Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Girl !

Say hello to Ruby, a twelve year old standard we adopted thru Arizona Poodle Rescue.  Ruby is very sweet and she's quickly bonding with us.
 This lovely  girl was a bit shy at first but she's learning the routine and seems happy.

Photo below, Chelsea and Ruby galumphing along the side lane, Gypsy in the background.

Ruby enjoys patrolling the side yard. I'm sure she smells quail and rabbit scent.  Rabbits come around here for water and there is a huge quail population that roams this area.
Ruby was passed by at adoption events because of her age. I'll tell you what, she's as spry as a young pup . The last few days Ruby and Gypsy have been playing around, running side by side and becoming friends.  
Not much sewing going on but I finally found a fabric to back the black, white and orange string top.  The color is not really such a dark gold, it was hard to photograph.   Still need to finish sewing borders on this top.
Starched and pressed, half yard cuts for a Fence Rail quilt.  These prints are  part of collection from Connecting Threads. I found them on sale, 40% off.
The blue paisley print will be the backing fabric.   I'm just a sucker for these colors (and the sale prices).
Five more family members, bantam chicks at two days old.  Dad is our brightly colored Dutch rooster. Chicks are all taking after dad,  with feathered feet and lots of speckles on the rusty red feathering.
 I'll need to share an updated photo soon, chicks grow and change really fast.


  1. Ruby looks like she is in her element as a natural hunting dog. What a great addition.

  2. Welcome sweet Ruby! She is so beautiful...glad she has found a home with you! I love that orange and black quilt...so unique.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww welcome Ruby - you're very pretty, and I'm glad you're getting comfy in your new home, with your new family!

    It looks like you'll be done the string quilt soon(ish) - that backing looks perfect, with the different orangey-goldy colours. The CT fabrics are lovely too - I love ordering from them - they have such good sales (and they don't gouge on Canadian shipping) :) Cute chicks!

  4. I WUV Ruby! I want her to come here! I wish we had a poodle rescue around here. She is lovely, reminds me of our Paddie. Fun orange quilt and that rail quilt will be awesome! And...those chicks are too cute!

  5. She is a beauty and so energetic for her age. Looks like she's fitting right in with her new siblings, too.

  6. Ruby is a beauty! So glad you are giving her a chance to live her life to the full. Looks like you found the perfect backing for that orange and black quilt and I love CT sales, too! I ordered some of their new variegated thread yesterday. The baby chicks are adorable.

  7. I'm thinking that Ruby is incredibly thankful for her new home filled with love and adventure. She's beautiful, as if your quilt. That;s such a stunning color combination.