Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finished Stringing

All the blocks are sewn into a top, now I'm sewing borders.  This quilt is so not me but it was fun to sew strings.   My room was too bright for a good photo,  big glare spots showed up so I cropped just a corner and will get a better full photo next time.

The fabric was very stable (stiff) from tons of starch so I decided to not leave the foundations attached. Paper was very easy to tear away.
Uh-oh.  I used a glue stick to hold center strings and forgot to not press over the glue.  So glad I only used glue on three before realizing the iron would stick the glue tight.  Had to wet the glued parts to remove. I went back to pinning all those center strings. (LOL)

A 9.5" square ruler was perfect to trim these blocks to 8.5" size.

Missy report:
She is doing quite well.  Prednisone is given every other day to keep chest congestion down.  I've tried to wean her off but the cough sneaks right back.  More activity has made her leg stronger.  No visible limp when Missy walks, just a little more "waddle" .

Chelsea, Mouse and Gypsy stay very busy.  This morning they ran ahead of me to feed horses.

Everyone is groomed 'cept for Gypsy.  I started with her but she fought me like a tiger.  She hates the clippers and does not like being brushed.  Hated to do it but I clipped the ear hair off and will keep it short.  She needs finishing up but I may take her to Pet Smart for the rest of needed grooming.
  I think sometimes the poodle kids may behave better for someone else, I'm just a push-over.
*8-| rolling eyes

Weather has been warm but windy.  It's the kind of wind that stirs dirt into the air and keeps it there.  You can see airborne dirt almost hiding the Huachuca Mountains.  Usually the view is very crisp with solid blue skies.  If you drive away from our area and look back, it's just as bad, it's bad all over.
At least the area is greening up.  Weed grasses have started to grow from a rain two weeks ago.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two Rows Orange Strings

Slowly getting some blocks sewn.  My sis sent the bobbin holder thingy as a birthday gift two years ago.  I keep it filled with white, cream and grey bobbins.  The little gadget is really handy.  Besides being made from a soft bendable Gumby-like material it's just plain fun look at and use.
I guess only quilters will understand my enjoyment of quilty gadgets.  *;) winking

Yesterday the laptop was propped behind my machine and I watched QNNtv while sewing strings.  In January QNNtv offered a half-price subscription and I decided to try it out again.  With the new router, shows stream with minimal and sometimes no buffering. Now I'm not missing cable internet as much.
 Choosing to watch the older series of Fons & Porter was a good idea.  They make a great team and I laughed along with their joking chatter.

So far two rows of (8 1/2 inch) blocks are complete.  This top will have a border, I'm getting ideas about the border as I sew blocks.   My quilts usually have plain fabric strip borders but I'm playing with ideas of applique or partial pieced areas.
Lots more blocks to sew, gives me plenty of time to think, this one is planned to have 48 blocks total.

Oh, and BTW- is anyone up for a BOM?  I am following and saving patterns from a couple this year.  Only committed to  *THIS ONE* so far, (besides finishing a house block sew-along from two years ago). Anyway, I may commit to the  Layer Cake Sampler that is starting soon.  It looks easy enough since the blocks are made up of many HST's.  (Easy to sew using triangle papers).  My stash has a layer cake of Christmas fabrics and Patriotic fabrics.   If I used both,  at the end there would be a quilt for me and a QOV to donate.
Oh well, I would like to do the BOM but it may not happen.  One day at a time here.
(Hope my writing is not too jumbly. This morning i picked up and tried to use the television tuner to make a phone call) !!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

String Project

Needed some mindless sewing for now so started a string quilt.  I've been sleepy and kinda dopey from a med change last week.  The nerve pain was getting a bit too much for me so the doc increased meds that take a while to get used to.  
These blocks will be very forgiving as long as I sew a good 1/4 inch seam.  As easy as string blocks are to sew, you can still goof them up.  I would not want to have any seams pop open because the fabric strings were not lined up evenly for stitching.

My roll of paper for string blocks ran out.  So, we made a trip to the "Dollar Store" and I found these big paper pads, $1 each.  Each pad will yield 60 nine inch squares.
  I prefer using paper to sew strings on.  This paper comes loose very easily.  You can spritz it with water or just crinkle it up and it almost falls off on it's own.  I'll sew all the blocks into a top before removing papers.
My first block is looking ok.  Obviously these will be black & white with oranges. 

 Smudgie was nesting in a shadowed corner, she was about ready to sleep when I noticed her.  Mornings she sits and watches the little bantam hens out the big glass window.
I don't mind her company, as long as she doesn't  "cough up" hairballs on fabric. *8-| rolling eyes

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lots of Fun Stuff Today

Yes, another birthday last month. The pesky things seem to come along every year, don't they  ?!?!
My dear sister sends me a wonderful box of gifties every birthday. 
 Gypsy was very interested ;-).  My goodness, lots of sewing notions- great for my quilting obsession hobby. The light quickly came in handy since the bulb on my Viking just burned out. I always enjoy the pocket calendar and Daily Guideposts book.
 Geeze, this is a very nice Avon watch.  ( I sold Avon at one time and was my biggest customer).
 Is it ok to wear it with my best jeans and big-shirt? LOL, I'll wear it when going to dinner with hubby.
 *:D big grin  Thanks big sis- you always make my birthdays special !!!  *>:D< big hug

Chilly Silly 2014 BOM progress.

Egads, I had the hardest time putting theses blocks together. Simple sewing but the WOW kept getting sewn wrong side up and then I kept sewing my HST backwards. Finally made it easier by sewing the three WOW pieces into their center row then the sides.  The seem ripper in my b-day box came in handy.   (((sigh)))
 I rounded the carrot nose pattern. The pointy nose was so cute but I was not sure how to get my blanket stitch to look right when sewing around corners .
 The blocks are finished, eyes will be sewn on after the finished top is quilted.  I'm thinking about using little black snaps for the eyes. Plenty of time to think about it.
 Now to figure out how to post my row to the BOM Flickr page.

Yes, it does freeze in AZ.  Last night we had a little rain and lots of frost this morning.  My DH noticed the frost pattern on truck hood.  Snapped a quick photo before sun could melt the pretty swirls.
GO HERE to 2014 BOM Silly Chilly Snowmen   (Jan & Feb blocks).

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chilly Silly Snowmen 2014 BOM

Go *HERE* for pattern link and all, she has a great tutorial for the first section and you can see how cute the snowman faces are. Pattern is free until month's end so hurry! 

Is anyone else working on this fun Mystery BOM?  The first section is so cute!  I've never joined a mystery quilt sew along because I want an idea of what the blocks look like before choosing colors. This mystery shows the finished section ahead of having you choose and cut fabrics.  
 Here are my marked HST's,  (whoops) I cut the squares a bit too generous.  Figured that out when squaring them.  Oh well, my bad. The pattern does not ask for HST's, it was my choice to use them for block corners.
 Ready to sew together. There are seven of these blocks in the first section.
 This makes the face of each snowman, I still need to prep my orange fabric for carrot noses.

I didn't plot how I would sew the seams for neatly facing pressing.  My first sewn block (on the right) has seams joined and pressed every-which-way.  My block on the left has neatly joining seams.  LOL
 Next time I'll plot my chain piecing!  At least I only made one wonky block and I'm gonna pick it out.
My goodness the sunsets have been beautiful.  The below photo is untouched.  (It really is pink and lavender fading into blues).
 The moon this time of year is early rising over the Dragoon and Mule Mountains.
Landscape is crispy and dead looking, it will be nice to see living things green up for spring. Cannot wait.  We are experiencing warm temps but that could change overnight.

Monday, January 27, 2014

January Blue Kitty Borders

Borders are on.  Nothing fancy. If I had to piece a more complicated border my quilts would never get into tops. The room was so sunny this afternoon it kinda washed out the blues.
 This one will finish about 60" x 70".  Putting on the final borders reminded me why I don't make larger quilts.  Too much weight and such (for me) to manipulate- ironing, sewing long rows then bordering.

 Now to find a backing fabric, blue with snowflakes- what else !

Yeah, Mimsy is better! She is eating on her own and relaxing around the house.

The photos are from a while back, did not want to flash camera in her face.  She's such a good kitty girl.
“Some people care too much. I think it's called love.” 
― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

Friday, January 24, 2014


Decided to join the Friday Night Sew-In tonight ( hosting link here ).  It's been a while since I joined up.  Maybe I'll get those borders sewn around my blue kitties.  Saturday is when we share our projects.

 Mimsy has been sick but is getting better.   Last weekend she stopped eating and was holding one ear back.  Quick trip to vet revealed an ear infection causing Horner's Syndrome.   The link HERE explains the syndrome and shows what it looks like.  Mimsy's eye is getting back to normal and she is eating better with the help of an appetite stimulant.
My goodness, the vet trip was expensive- $485 just for the visit, blood tests and meds.  Shaking head......