Thursday, October 1, 2015

Puppy Alert

This is our new five month old male pup adopted from Arizona Poodle Rescue.  He's been here not quite two weeks.  Such a smart baby and oh my goodness unless he is dead tired those little feet never touch the ground. We named him Poppet, name meaning *HERE*.

Poppet is a Moyen/Klein poodle.  I copied a brief description from *this Website*.   We are often asked, "what is a moyen"?   Technically, it is a small standard poodle in the 17" to 20" height at the shoulders and 25 to 35 lb in weight.  Moyenne, French for "middle", is a designated size in the poodle breed in France and describes the middle poodle in weight and height.  In this country we shorten the word to Moyen and here, in the US, it is a slang term only denoting a very small standard poodle.  In Germany, the size is called the Klein Pudel.
I guess your eyes are glazing over by now so ....... on to other things.

All summer storms boiled up from the south.  It was mostly hot and humid, now it's just hot.  Our area ended up with 2.5 inches of rain over the norm.

This one hit fast and hard at sunset.
 Lights in distance are Huachuca City, Huachuca Mountains as backdrop.

There were lots of beautiful rainbows after summer rains.

Chel and Gypsy always enjoy the cool breeze before a storm.

Monster rocked his 'Hawk and the color was great on him. It faded so fast, not sure if we will do it again.

Aw, Missy does not like her new hair cut. She would not look at me.

On the sewing front..... I cut bunches of strips from my stash.  If I remember correctly there are 40 strips, almost a jelly roll for a fall color quilt.
Purse, bags, totes? I cut out several, just need to get started sewing.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Tote Bag Fabrics & Rain

Thinking these will be my tote bag sew-along fabrics. (Link Here)  Big flower print will be for large front and back pockets, tan ticking bag body and dusty pink the inside lining.   

I like these for a sewing tote. 
Hoping to start cutting this weekend.

Rain is on the way. The two boys are tucked under the barn roof with lots of hay.

Rain heading from north sky today.

Poodle kids running for cover. 

      Chelsea is still looking for that rabbit........   it's already far away (LOL).                      

Ha, Ruby has the best idea for this afternoon. 

She doesn't know it but tomorrow is bath and clean up day.  This girl had a good start in life with grooming. She is very good, even lets me paint her nails.

Hope everyone has a good relaxing week-end.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sorting Stash

OK, I stuck my neck out and joined a tote bag sew-along with the gals at  So Sew Easy .  The bag is a great pattern with videos of each step along with a picture tutorial.  Group sewing has started but I'm not really behind, lots of others haven't started yet.  Pattern and instructions will be available "forever", you may sign up any time.  Many have joined and are sharing  their work on Face Book. It's fun so far.
I just needed to choose two or three fabrics for the tote bag. 
 Too many choices. But I have finally narrowed it down.  Now to put the piles back onto the shelf .  I did have a good time getting to know my stash again.
 I'm sewing a bag for my sister while sewing one for me. She wants a floral print (sent her photos), still waiting for her to decide.   "Hurry up sis"! Wish she was close enough to come over to choose.
This small project will get me back to feeling familiar with sewing tools including the sewing machine.  I've been away too long!

Gypsy is always there, cheering me on.
The poo-kids are so much company, always on the look-out to see what I'm up to (and what I'm snacking on). LOL

Friday, August 14, 2015

Working With Kitties?

On my design wall. All batik fabrics.  How to sew the rows? Tired of just straight rows of side-by-side kitties.  Maybe add sashing to make them tipsy?  Maybe I'm just tired of all the kitty blocks.

There is another stack of these waiting to be a quilt, (brighter colors).  Husband wants a kitty quilt for the bed or to hang for display.  I'm still stuck on getting tops quilted.

Chelsea got her groom on last week. Groomer said the poor girl sat and howled like a wolf while waiting for me to pick her up.  Oh my, she was so happy to see me walk thru the door.
Felt bad about her being so upset,  maybe I should groom her at home.  We already have two that cannot go to a shop. These are my babies, I'm crazy like that.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hellooooo ! Still Here

Computer is at a repair shop.  DH replaced the hard-drive but then found all the USB ports were "broken".  Replacing USB ports is complicated so the shop will fix one and replace the new hard-drive because it was failing (yes, we were sent a bad one).  Repair guy is waiting for replacement to arrive.  Hopefully by end of next week I will be back in business.

Meanwhile I'm using a very old laptop from the closet. DH was able to get it working so I have email. Not supposed to download pics, but I did.
Just a few .
*;) winking

Gypsy was recently pro groomed. We found a fun shop, the owner loves to play with poodle hair. Gypsy is sporting a pony mane now, her hair grows fast so we will see how it looks in a few weeks.
(I copied these pics from shops FB page).

Found this pattern on eBay.  It's cut from a magazine and cost $1.25, what a deal.  Easy snowball blocks and pinwheels, the applique looks simple.  I think a charm pack and scraps would work for the pattern.
Would you believe that last night I found this very pattern in one of my old quilt magazines! LOL. Guess I better start paging thru the old mags instead of eBay shopping.

BTW-  I'm not a no-reply blogger. If you leave a comment it goes to my Yahoo mail box.  I try to answer all comments, especially if you ask a question.  Okey-dokey ?
*:) happy

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Catching Up

 I have wanted to keep up with this journal, have to try harder.  Lots going on and I have taken  photos but cannot down-load until the new hard drive is installed.  At least this old laptop still limps along so I can read my blog list. The photos below were taken before problems started.

No sewing or quilting going on at all, have not felt much like being creative until my sewing room is fixed (cleaned) up.  DH has been helping me purge closets and clean the entire house. 
It takes time, this home was built for us nine years ago (this June) you know how things accumulate *:| straight face.  DH still works full time so a little here and there on weekends is slowly getting things done. 
Spring brings outside work, cutting a fenced two acres and getting control of weeds = many hours not to mention a fence line that needs clearing around seven acres. Dang tumble weeds are popping up all over along with those nasty sticker weeds we call "goat heads".  Too much to be pulled by hand.

Anyways.........  I'm looking forward to working with these Riley Blake charms and FQ's. Missouri Star has a tutorial that inspired me to purchase these fabrics last year. Here is a link to Jenny and her * Falling Charms  * tutorial.  It's simple sewing that lends to chain piecing, not too much concentration needed.  The quilt is so beautiful, hope mine looks similar. 

 With longer hours of sunlight our hens have started laying again.  No idea who is treating us to speckled eggs, there is one about every other day.  When the egg is washed and wet those speckles show up a purple color.  Makes me smile!

Poodle antics:
Ruby and Gypsy are pranking Missy. Missy was taking her turn sleeping in the big crate and Ruby pushed the door shut.  Monster is watching from his little bed/crate. All of the big poodles enjoy a crate but there is just not enough room to keep four crates set up in our dining room. They learned to take turns sleeping in the one.

Monster went for a groom last week.  I brought a tube of pet-safe color, supposed to be blue but somehow I picked up the wrong tube.  Uh-oh, oh my!
Dear husband picked Monster up from his appointment,  thanked the groomer, gave her a generous tip and laughed all the way home.  I'm glad the groomer has a FB page and shared the photo there so I could copy and share. I wonder if she wondered why I wanted my boy Malti-poo pink? LOL

Last month our Smudgie kitty became very sick, she was given antibiotics and sub-q fluids.  After the meds were finished she went for a dental and had a bad tooth pulled.  Now the little dear kitty is well, amazing she is 14 years and still going strong.
Lots of other happenings but will journal about those later on.   

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Signs of Spring

Its been so warm for weeks and weeks with just one hard freeze and a few days of chilling rain & wind. Our trees are budding and leafing but its awfully early, temps could drop to freeze again.  I'm enjoying mornings where the front door can be left open, so many birds are coming back.  Hearing early morning bird song is very uplifting.  

To me this fabric print is everything spring.  
 There were so many fabric sales in December it was hard to maintain control. I found this wonderful piece on Etsy, just a half yard but I knew it would make a pretty tote bag.  The bag will be large like a shopping bag because I don't want to cut off any of this lovely print.
 Maybe the bottom will be a blue canvas to match the vivid blues in those flowers and birds.  I know there is a blue canvas in my stash, just gotta dig around.

This little guy from the Nogales shelter ended up staying with us.  It was so hard to potty train him,  some days I was pulling my hair out.  He was a foster being prepped  for adoption but my husband and I were afraid to release him.  I had his wetting inside under control with a belly wrap but who really wants to commit to adopting a leg-lifter?  We worried the little guy would get kicked around if someone lost their temper with him.  (I'm amazed at how many people use corporal punishment on a dog for the dog doing what comes naturally to a dog).
The leg lifting finally stopped inside the house, (after six months).  It finally clicked in that little pea sized brain and he is now doing his biz outside. Husband gave the name "Monster" to this little Malti-poo and it fits him to a "T". After six months of potty training we were attached so kept Monster. He has a place in the pack, surprisingly he is not a nasty little snapping leader.  I'm not sure who is in charge but Monster has learned to stay out from under the big poodle feet and knows how to juggle for a spot on the sofa. He is still crated when I cannot keep an eye on him.

No words of wisdom today.  Saw my doc last week and she adjusted my meds, taking a new anti-inflammatory that makes me very sleepy (a very odd reaction) but I am able to walk around more with less nerve pain in my hips, legs and feet. Hopefully my body will adjust like it did with the other meds.
Worst thing is my doc said she is retiring in a year and a few months.  I almost burst into tears. She is the first doc that was able to help and she was very understanding because she also suffers  with nerve pain.

Gypsy is bugging me to get up.  We had rain and wind yesterday so everyone has cabin fever.  Time to go out and check things, water horses and fill bird feeders.   
 Our handy-man neighbor painted my old pic-nic table, it's a very purple purple.  The table and bench sit under the big carport with lots of room all around. Our poodles like for me to sit out there and watch them play. Guess I'll go do that.