Friday, June 27, 2014

Mr. Pibbs Update

He is still with us but not sure for how long.  No vomiting and appetite is back.  But, Mr. Pibbs is not right. He sleeps more than usual and has an unwell look. I'll stock up more iv fluid bags for over the week-end. Dehydration is still a problem. DH will have to decide when it is time to let go.

Do you follow SEW for Home ? Lots of nifty ideas, projects, tutorials.  The vinyl see-thru pouch is the latest project and it has a very easy to follow tutorial.  I think you could use well pressed scrap strips in place of the ribbon.  A bias tape maker would be helpful (and I would use starch).   Here is - DIRECT LINK to the Pouch Project.  Projects change every few days..

I'll be babysitting Mr. Pibbs all weekend, hope to cut up some quilt kits and sew a little (to reduce some stress).
Thank you to every one that said a prayer for Pibbs and voiced concern for him. Comments and emails are very comforting.
And for the inquiry about that snake- It was a Diamondback rattler.  DH has made sure to study his snake skin patterns and head shapes. We don't want to "dispatch" or displace good snakes that help rid the yards of vermin. There are some Kings and a Coachwhip is back. Ick, saw the Coral but he lays low behind the horse barn. That one is shy and runs away, thank goodness.
DH was asking our veterinarian about poisonous snake bite and the poodles. One thing she said that stuck in my mind- rattlers roam in one acre territories. So, if we see one in our yard, that's its home. Dangerous situation, so best to be rid of it.  She has livestock at her house and the pigs kill rattle snakes. They grab and shake to death then eat the snake !  Gives me crawling skin Heebie-Jeebies to think about it.
Everyone, hope you have a safe and great weekend. *;) winking 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mr. Pibbs

Pibbs needs a prayer from everyone.  He is very sick. Diabetes has been hard on this old kitty.  His insulin was raised from 3.5 units to 4 units a few weeks ago.  Blood sugar is still too high.  This morning he sicked up what little food he ate and was drinking lots of water.
 Emergency trip to vet this morning reveals dehydration.  Vet gave Pibbs a high protein paste supplement and IV fluids.  She declined to do a bunch of tests and make Mr. Pibbs miserable. He was sent home with supplement and fluids for us to give IV sub-q.  DH was also at the vet, he is very concerned about his kitty.  If Pibbs does not ralley tonight then he won't get better, there is no way to fix and also no "quality of life".

 I'm back home with Pibbs, DH went back to work, he has a very long and busy week.  I'm sorting thru some Connecting Threads fabrics, found these strips of Golden Age.  Jinny Doan has a new video for a different version of "Summer in the Park" that would suit this collection.  I'm adding the butterfly fabric in strips and maybe a border.
 Butterfly wings have a touch of purple that's not as obvious without a camera flash. I think it  should fit in with all the other fabrics even though no purple is to be found in this collection. Hey, it's my fabric choice- no quilt police here. (Smile).

I've been digging thru my stash to find all of the poodle prints.  I plan to make a few totes to donate to Arizona Poodle Rescue for selling or auctioning.  Been searching free (easy) bag patterns on line and also bought a few patterns from eBay sellers.  My stash is not full of poodle prints, not much manufactured over the years but as available, I purchase.  Applique looks like a good choice for some plainer totes, maybe even screen printing poodle silhouettes.
 Lots of ideas but going to start with THIS BAG to practice and then another  TOTE BAG to practice. Lots of stash fabrics to use up practice sewing, I can also get acquainted with fusible interfacing and adding a zipper.
Did someone say it's too hot to quilt?

Found in chicken coop last night. Dang thing was coiled up next to sleeping hens.  DH quickly dispatched the dangerous creature.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Long Time No Post

Lots going on but not quilting related.  Projects are at a standstill.  I did nab one of Missouri Stars Daily Deals last week.  Been wanting to try the Disappearing Churn Dash that Jennie made up for one of her videos.  These cheerful fabrics will make a couple of  pretty throw-sized donation quilts.
EDIT ALERT !!! Not D-Churn Dash.   *D-Pinwheel*
Part #1     &    Part #2

 On the poodle rescue front, here is one from the Nogales area.  He was a matted mess but there is a cute little dog under there.
 He was very nice about the clippers, never once did he snap or growl.  Very afraid of the tub and bath process but it just made him a wiggle-worm, trying to slip from my hands.  LOL

Personality is as cute as his photo.  He will soon be listed on PetFinder with Arizona Poodle Rescue.

Gosh, it's been so hot the past few weeks (100+) and not cooling much at night.  Rain seems to be falling everywhere else but here.  I'm so ready for our rainy season to start.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chateau de Fleurs Fabrics

Fabric strips are cut and stashed. Same pattern I used for the Bittersweet quilt, very easy five strip block. The quilt uses 80 eight inch blocks and finishes at 60" x 75".  I can't wait to see a few sewn blocks put together on my design wall.
This fabric collection felt like it was printed on a heavier cloth. I layered two fabrics for cutting, it was very hard to push a brand-new blade across four pieces of fabric.
Anyway,  I'm determined to get borders sewn onto a few tops before starting something new (hard for me to stash this kit). Motivation for finishing UFO's.
Ruby.  She is such a dear, very cuddly and charming.  But we have discovered an unsettling "thing" about her.  She is a very committed scrounger, counter surfer and down-right thief.  Ruby has no qualms about jumping up onto counter tops or tables to steal food. Ruby will eat items that smell of food.  Yesterday I saw her grab a napkin left next to my laptop.  I said a stern, "No Ruby"!  She just ran behind the kitchen island and proceeded to wolf down the paper napkin.  She was just a few steps away but by the time I was able to pry her mouth open, the napkin was half way swallowed.
 Last night DH pulled out the old wire crate from shed. I've hosed it off and tonight it comes inside.  I'll make it very comfy and inviting for Ruby.  Goodness knows how she has lived this long with her dangerous habit.

The new chicks are growing fast. The last few days I've put them outside in the bantam run.  It has two large branches and the chicks enjoy running up and down while flapping their little wings.
 That's Corkey (dad) down below with his hens.  He is a brightly colored (Millie Fleur) Belgian Bearded d'Uccle cock.  The chicks are taking after dad as far as coloring, that's for sure.  All have heavily feathered legs and feet too.

Today is very windy, chicks feathers are blowing, making a blurry photo.  I'll put these four out later when I get home.  Night time crate is too small for wing flapping and practice flying.
Ran out of poodle food last night so the poo-kids are not happy with me.  I'll load them all into the jeep and drive us up to a little feed store in Huachuca City.  You know, they love to ride!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Girl !

Say hello to Ruby, a twelve year old standard we adopted thru Arizona Poodle Rescue.  Ruby is very sweet and she's quickly bonding with us.
 This lovely  girl was a bit shy at first but she's learning the routine and seems happy.

Photo below, Chelsea and Ruby galumphing along the side lane, Gypsy in the background.

Ruby enjoys patrolling the side yard. I'm sure she smells quail and rabbit scent.  Rabbits come around here for water and there is a huge quail population that roams this area.
Ruby was passed by at adoption events because of her age. I'll tell you what, she's as spry as a young pup . The last few days Ruby and Gypsy have been playing around, running side by side and becoming friends.  
Not much sewing going on but I finally found a fabric to back the black, white and orange string top.  The color is not really such a dark gold, it was hard to photograph.   Still need to finish sewing borders on this top.
Starched and pressed, half yard cuts for a Fence Rail quilt.  These prints are  part of collection from Connecting Threads. I found them on sale, 40% off.
The blue paisley print will be the backing fabric.   I'm just a sucker for these colors (and the sale prices).
Five more family members, bantam chicks at two days old.  Dad is our brightly colored Dutch rooster. Chicks are all taking after dad,  with feathered feet and lots of speckles on the rusty red feathering.
 I'll need to share an updated photo soon, chicks grow and change really fast.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finished Stringing

All the blocks are sewn into a top, now I'm sewing borders.  This quilt is so not me but it was fun to sew strings.   My room was too bright for a good photo,  big glare spots showed up so I cropped just a corner and will get a better full photo next time.

The fabric was very stable (stiff) from tons of starch so I decided to not leave the foundations attached. Paper was very easy to tear away.
Uh-oh.  I used a glue stick to hold center strings and forgot to not press over the glue.  So glad I only used glue on three before realizing the iron would stick the glue tight.  Had to wet the glued parts to remove. I went back to pinning all those center strings. (LOL)

A 9.5" square ruler was perfect to trim these blocks to 8.5" size.

Missy report:
She is doing quite well.  Prednisone is given every other day to keep chest congestion down.  I've tried to wean her off but the cough sneaks right back.  More activity has made her leg stronger.  No visible limp when Missy walks, just a little more "waddle" .

Chelsea, Mouse and Gypsy stay very busy.  This morning they ran ahead of me to feed horses.

Everyone is groomed 'cept for Gypsy.  I started with her but she fought me like a tiger.  She hates the clippers and does not like being brushed.  Hated to do it but I clipped the ear hair off and will keep it short.  She needs finishing up but I may take her to Pet Smart for the rest of needed grooming.
  I think sometimes the poodle kids may behave better for someone else, I'm just a push-over.
*8-| rolling eyes

Weather has been warm but windy.  It's the kind of wind that stirs dirt into the air and keeps it there.  You can see airborne dirt almost hiding the Huachuca Mountains.  Usually the view is very crisp with solid blue skies.  If you drive away from our area and look back, it's just as bad, it's bad all over.
At least the area is greening up.  Weed grasses have started to grow from a rain two weeks ago.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two Rows Orange Strings

Slowly getting some blocks sewn.  My sis sent the bobbin holder thingy as a birthday gift two years ago.  I keep it filled with white, cream and grey bobbins.  The little gadget is really handy.  Besides being made from a soft bendable Gumby-like material it's just plain fun look at and use.
I guess only quilters will understand my enjoyment of quilty gadgets.  *;) winking

Yesterday the laptop was propped behind my machine and I watched QNNtv while sewing strings.  In January QNNtv offered a half-price subscription and I decided to try it out again.  With the new router, shows stream with minimal and sometimes no buffering. Now I'm not missing cable internet as much.
 Choosing to watch the older series of Fons & Porter was a good idea.  They make a great team and I laughed along with their joking chatter.

So far two rows of (8 1/2 inch) blocks are complete.  This top will have a border, I'm getting ideas about the border as I sew blocks.   My quilts usually have plain fabric strip borders but I'm playing with ideas of applique or partial pieced areas.
Lots more blocks to sew, gives me plenty of time to think, this one is planned to have 48 blocks total.

Oh, and BTW- is anyone up for a BOM?  I am following and saving patterns from a couple this year.  Only committed to  *THIS ONE* so far, (besides finishing a house block sew-along from two years ago). Anyway, I may commit to the  Layer Cake Sampler that is starting soon.  It looks easy enough since the blocks are made up of many HST's.  (Easy to sew using triangle papers).  My stash has a layer cake of Christmas fabrics and Patriotic fabrics.   If I used both,  at the end there would be a quilt for me and a QOV to donate.
Oh well, I would like to do the BOM but it may not happen.  One day at a time here.
(Hope my writing is not too jumbly. This morning i picked up and tried to use the television tuner to make a phone call) !!!