Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Dragging out the old Valentine Kitty top for today.
Hope you have a good one.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Projects, Snakes & Puppies- Oh My !

 This pattern I just love, gonna be my next project. Dug around in my stash and pulled out suitable plaids, no fabric shopping needed.  Once started I want to get it finished.  Too many UFO's in my closet.

Found a beautiful print to use as a quilt back for a kit I have stashed.  Colors are more of a gold, camera flash washed it out.

  Weather is so warm this week, it will be nice to sit out for a little while.  I enjoy watching Moose and Dreamer munch hay.  They grab wisps of the bermuda with muscular lips, amazing how they can grasp just what they want from a hay pile. It's like a kid picking at his brussels sprouts, Moose and Dreamer would rather eat alfalfa every meal.

My peaceful scene was disrupted when I spotted a strange object next to my chair. Right under the mesquite tree that would provide shade later in the afternoon.  Ick, it was a snake, a Coach Whip !  Better than a rattler, but still a snake. Something didn't look right, I poked at him with my walking stick and realized he was dead.
  Poor DH had the task of digging out Mr. Coach Whip.  He said the snake didn't have a mark on him, perhaps he died of starvation and cold because his body was stuck tight.
There must be another entrance to that snake hole, or was it a mouse hole? Did the snake go inside and find a chamber to turn around in? Maybe he caught a mouse, ate it and was too fat to escape. Oh my goodness, so many questions about the death of a snake. (((sigh)))

Poppet is running, running. His black ears are flapping. Moose has his ears back, showing a little consternation over this flying puppy.  Dreamer is wondering when I'm going to feed him some hay.

Little Poppet is always talking to the horses.  Little does he know.... a bath and grooming session is in store for him.  Hope it's not a wrestling match. His poodle coat is still in the puppy stage, very soft, wavy with no matting.  But he will soon "blow coat" for adult hair to grow in.  I may as well clip him down before matting starts.  Plus, it's so warm now he's always panting.

No resting today, it's too hot now.  Have to wait for later when the sun crosses over and starts to tuck down behind Mustang Mountain.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Uh-oh, Where Did January Go ?

The girls (Missy, Chelsea and Gypsy) had a groom visit in mid-January.  This area has been getting so much rain (and snow!), the yard stayed really muddy for days.  Kinda hard to keep this many poo-kids clean on my own.

Missy is getting over pneumonia.  We think it was aspiration pneumonia, she ingested a large rubber-band and then had a yuck fest to get it up.  Three days later she was very ill.  Photo below is after her vet visit.

No matter what, I try to keep a positive outlook. LOL Not every day (or week) is gonna be perfect. Looking forward to temps in the 70's this week, can you believe it ?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015


Fresh from the dryer.  Lots of lint from the cotton batting and flannel back.  I used a roll of sticky tape the get all the bits off.

It didn't crinkle a lot after washing and drying, I was hoping it wouldn't.  The different color strips of batik binding turned out to be a good idea (so my hubby said).  Oh my, it was impossible for me to hand stitch the binding down.  It just didn't lay right and the stitching showed.  Ended up using a blanket stitch by machine.  I was happy with end result.

These were blocks from a swap so black background fabrics were different.  Some were black batik, others were kona cotton.  The batik border fabric I used was very mottled with a bluish tint.

This is a true charm quilt, no duplicate kitty blocks. I love how it turned out and it was hard to let go.

This quilt was for my doctor's (surprise to me)  retirement.  She out-processed last week and is moving back to her home town in one of the Great Lake states.  I'll miss my Doc, she took such good care of me, made the correct diagnosis when other docs seemed befuddled. I know she will like the quilt, I found out she is a cat lover. 
Best wishes Dr. T. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

There Is A Story Behind This Quilt

But I'm too tired to tell it right now.  How 'bout some pics ?

Rows sewn together.

 Binding strips and border fabric.

Thread color choices for quilting (chose black).

I'm liking the thread box my sister gave me.

Marking a simple quilting pattern.
A white Clover Chaco  marker worked wonderfully !

Right side quilting done, yeah!

More on the story when quilt is complete.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving .  I'm enjoying reading my blogger list, sorry right now the words just won't come for commenting.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What a Mess

What a mess it was.   My big sewing table was buried, I cleaned it up (took a week) but  it quickly started to become piled up again.  Here it is after going thru some cut and partially sewn tote bag pieces and parts.  At least (yay) the sewing machine is plugged in and ready to use.

My next big project: I'm de-constructing shirts to sew into a memory quilt for a friend. Finally picked out the perfect pattern, it will have some applique along with patchwork. I'll share photos once the work is further along. 
Gypsy and Chelsea at groomers last week.  They are the best ones to send, I keep the others cleaned up myself (so far it's going well).

Over the weekend Chelsea came down with a nasty gastric upset.  Luckily she was able to be seen at  the pet clinic early Monday.  Dr. T quickly diagnosed the problem and we were sent home with medications and fluids to be given sub-q.
Chel is better this afternoon, her appetite is already back, no shivers from the fever and so far no gut upset.  She is being well babied, sleeping on the guest bed for now.

Poppet is growing so fast.  He's discovered the horses and enjoys watching them.
Looks like a matching pair there.

A windy day, more so as the shadows grow longer.
Poppet, Ruby & Monster looking for the rabbit that got away (again).

Weather is changing quickly here today, cold air is moving in on a gusty wind.  Our high desert could experience a freeze tonight.  It's definitely soup weather and time to put an extra blanket on the bed.