Thursday, May 4, 2017

May Flowers

"Flower" blocks unearthed from a  years ago swap.  Fabrics were required to be florals of a medium to lighter value.  I have in mind a way to set these but for now they will be bagged and again stored away. 

 A new baby girl has joined us.  Don't let her "cuteness" fool you.  Her name is Summer but she is aka "Tazzie" and "Summer Storm".  
                                   More about Summer another time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kitty Appliques

Found these on eBay for a few dollars and the cutting out was already done.  I think they will be cute down on the bottom corner of a quilt. 

There are two panels of these.  Yes, supposed to be door stops but I think they will work ok for an applique.  Have to figure out how to use the back piece of a cat.  Maybe embroider a face on..... it's just for fun, a kid would especially enjoy a kitty on a quilt.

eBay seller also had scrap strips and squares for a few dollars so could not pass them up.  New scraps always help freshen the old scrap pile.

My great find from last summer........... a Japanese clone "Adler".   This one was actually just a 30 min. drive to pick up.  (I used to drive over to Tucson to look at vintage machines but 70 (x2) miles is just too long a drive now).  The lady selling was downsizing and no longer sewed. It was her moms machine and she really hated to part with it.  I did not try this machine, the cord was too dried/crackled to safely plug in.  But the price was right at $45, this included the original wood cabinet.
 Bobbin case and plate cover are stashed in the little tip-out drawer.  Also included were some vintage sewing notions and matching teal blue (or is it sea-foam green?) electric scissors.

This one just looked too fun to pass up. Most of my other vintage machines are by Singer, I had never stumbled across a clone so close to home before.  Side plate reminds me of a vintage tractor grill.

She just needs a good wipe-down with sewing machine oil to look clean and purty again. The cabinet really doesn't need refinishing.  There are just a few bumps of paint (maybe from a door jam when being moved).  I can live with a few faded spots and scratches, this really is a lovely find.

Oh, don't mind the puppy........  ;-)

Flower Bed

Come on....... smile.  You know you want to.                      

  (Image found on FB).

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Remembering Ruby

Ruby came to live with us about two years ago. She was a fun and sweet old girl.  
Her nose was always kinda grubby dirty looking because she liked to root around in the weed grasses.  Her favorite sport was trying to spook the rabbits and give them a good run. 

Surveying out front with baby Poppet and Monster the malti-poo.   I remember this, her last spring with us.  It had been warm and then a cold snap.  Glad we had not clipped off their poodle coats.  

A favorite pose and sleeping position.

I became so used to looking up and seeing Ruby curled on her favorite spot.  If she wasn't snoring, she was watching me.
Cancer took our sweet poodle girl, Nov 23 2017.

I ran across a fabric collection named "Little Ruby" by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.  Bright and pretty fabrics that remind me of Ruby.  The scrap bag will be perfect to stitch a string quilt from.
A little memory quilt to remember our Ruby...... not that we will ever forget this wonderful girl.

This is so true.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Oh Mama It's Cold Outside

Cold temps keeping me inside and busy at the sewing machine (weather man says it feels like 24 degrees out even tho true temp is 35) .  That's cold for where I live !

 All the double 9-patch blocks are finished, ready to "top".  Still need to do some moving around and then to pick border fabric.
                                                  Right side up.
                                                    Upside down.

Kinda leaning towards a medium blue for borders.  Anything goes for the backing cuz I'm not picky about that.  Maybe a pieced back would be fun.  Fingers crossed about all the blocks being very close to 8 1/2 square.

Snow on the Huachucas, rain on flat lands. Bleak landscape when mesquites are leafless.

Beautiful sunset no matter how cold it gets. (That ever-loving telephone pole haunts images of Mustang Mountain).

Dear Gypsy is sleepy after yesterdays grooming session.  Front half is rough cut, still gotta clip her back half and then a bath.  
Poodle moms work is never done.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sneeking Back to Update this Neglected Blog

Ah, lots has happened the past months.  Good, bad, something awful.  But, that being said.....
Last week I finally got back to some sewing.
Pulled out the little Hello Kitty machine and some scraps.  Sewed more blocks to go with a small stack of double nine-patch blocks from a long ago swap.
 Poppet wanted to know why it's called a Hello Kitty machine, wouldn't I rather have a Hello Doggy machine?
Ha, ha.  Sure I would Poppet, if there was one.

A good start towards a top.  Borders will have some kind of applique.  I want to try my hand at applique,  fusible..... not needle turn.

Poppet stayed mooshed up next to me sleeping soundly all afternoon.
Very comforting for both of us ! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Finally finished the outdoors top and loaded onto quilting frame.  The practice was going smoothly on my muslin piece so decided to try the top using same thread and settings. Ha ha, it was not smooth sailing like I hoped.  Barely started the basting stitches across the top and it was skipping stitches, thread broke twice.......  I gave up (was already drained from two hours of practice) and have not tried again for several weeks now.  Must get back to it.
 After checking what could be wrong, the table seems to be not level (I guess it settled) but could not find anything else that could be the matter.  Frustrating. I'll change to a new larger needle, re-thread, clean out bobbin case and try a different thread.  

When choosing fabrics for the top, my husband saw the beer mugs and insisted that fabric would be used for the backing.  I agreed but added a Michael Miller kona solid black to break it up a bit.
 Ha, ha never let your hubby help choose companion fabrics after choosing the focus fabric.  He saw the dismay on my face and just commented that it's a guy thing.  The quilt is for his friend so.... oh well.


The baby humming birds grew and grew until they were squished in that tiny nest.  Finally one day there was only one baby, next day no baby and I was in "empty nest syndrome".  Where oh where did they go and would they survive the rainy windy weather ? 
 Very quickly we realized all was well.  The babies stayed close by, we saw them buzzing back and forth in the trumpet vine, then resting in their Mulberry tree.  You could mistake them for bumble bees if not looking closely but they fly much faster!  Mom was right there, chasing off any other hummers that dared to come around the vines.

So, for now the little family is right here, some days they are seen buzzing back and forth across the horse lane to mesquites in the wash.  Hummingbirds do have a distinctive call we have come to recognize. As they grow it's louder so we hear it around in the backyard too.   
 For now it's a happy little hummingbird world out there.  We hope they will come back next year and make our yard their permanent home.


Here is my motto for this week :  
Take care and thank you for visiting *:x lovestruck.