Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sharing from Old Weeping Cedar. Her photography is on FB every morning.
Missing everyone here in Blogland. I do check almost every day to see what wonderful things you are up to. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Prayers for All to Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Friday, August 25, 2017

Thoughts & Prayers

Prayers for all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lots'a Stuff Going On

Playing with fabrics but not sewing.  I'm still sorting and putting kits together.
 Inside this......

      I stashed these........
    Some new homespun FQ's,  Civil War Repro's and a kit of Moda Three Sisters fabrics for a 9-patch quilt. (Summer poodle-kid wanted to share her poop-pillow so there it is too).                                          
 Our rain season was late this summer. Birds are still nesting.  I stuck the hose into this plant and was startled by a bird (AZ cardinal) flying out.  After further inspection, I found a nest with three eggs. If looking closely you can see strands of black horse tail hairs used to build this nest.
I'll have to keep an eye out for hatching and watch for when the chicks want to fledge.  Hate for the little birds to become poodles snacks !  :-(

Temps were scorching before the rain came.  Some days were 105+ !  That's hot for high desert.  I watered but plants were suffering, dropping leaves.  Pomegranate tree was laden with baby fruit but skins sunburned. Now after milder temps and rain the fruit is filling with red seeds.  But the skin is leathery and just splits open. Sad.

 Cloudburst across lane, beginning of rain season..........
                  It rained so hard today, electric was out, fuses were blown, even plugs in kitchen were popped.  Must have been a very close lightning strike (I was in town at the time).  The new a.c. unit installed last fall is done in.  We are running fans to stay cool until repairs are made.  (Things like this always happen on a weekend so an emergency fee has to be paid).
More glorious rain clouds....

With rain comes grass, lots of lush green grass.  Our new boy (Romeo) came from grasslands back east.  He's been on hay here since 1st week of June.  I'm sure he wondered where the good green stuff was before the rain (welcome to AZ).  I saw him nibbling on mesquites, getting stabbed by the needles. He gave that up real quick ! 
Now he gets to graze our front yard for hours every day.
More about Romeo another time.

To end I want to put in a plug for hard working dog (and cat) groomers everywhere........


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Well, gosh.  I'm back journaling again, not sure how to keep up but gonna give it another try.
I left off with a teaser about our last poodle rescue.  Her name is Summer and she's now past her first year.

Dear Summer is a "special needs" poodle.  She is prone to long seizures so takes phenobarbital twice daily.  There is something goofy about her..... her whole body seems spastic.  When playing and running she carries her head thrown back and her rear-end is weak so she falls easily.  Summers eyes are not set quite right.  She can focus but one eye is crooked, the socket is off kilter.  The vet said she kinda has the look of Bill the Cat.  Ouch. 

Summer is very lovable and has finally learned to play with others.  She used to be a "runs with scissors" kinda girl but had to settle down to be accepted by the others.  It was weeks, then months of intense training and loving to get this girl squared away.  There were times when I wondered what we were doing, was Summer ever going to "get it" and be a half way sensible poodle ?  I don't even want to talk about potty training.

DH became very dedicated to raising Summer. He would come home from work and take over, giving me a much needed rest.  He loves Summer very much and she slowly responded.  I don't remember when she turned the corner but when she did.... well, her intelligence really started to show. 

Bathing and clipping is the last nightmare to overcome.  Summer turns feral when it comes to grooming. She has to be heavily sedated for clipping so we do all grooming at home. 

With all the challenges.... Summer is very loved and has become an integral part of the poodle pack. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May Flowers

"Flower" blocks unearthed from a  years ago swap.  Fabrics were required to be florals of a medium to lighter value.  I have in mind a way to set these but for now they will be bagged and again stored away. 

 A new baby girl has joined us.  Don't let her "cuteness" fool you.  Her name is Summer but she is aka "Tazzie" and "Summer Storm".  
                                   More about Summer another time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kitty Appliques

Found these on eBay for a few dollars and the cutting out was already done.  I think they will be cute down on the bottom corner of a quilt. 

There are two panels of these.  Yes, supposed to be door stops but I think they will work ok for an applique.  Have to figure out how to use the back piece of a cat.  Maybe embroider a face on..... it's just for fun, a kid would especially enjoy a kitty on a quilt.

eBay seller also had scrap strips and squares for a few dollars so could not pass them up.  New scraps always help freshen the old scrap pile.

My great find from last summer........... a Japanese clone "Adler".   This one was actually just a 30 min. drive to pick up.  (I used to drive over to Tucson to look at vintage machines but 70 (x2) miles is just too long a drive now).  The lady selling was downsizing and no longer sewed. It was her moms machine and she really hated to part with it.  I did not try this machine, the cord was too dried/crackled to safely plug in.  But the price was right at $45, this included the original wood cabinet.
 Bobbin case and plate cover are stashed in the little tip-out drawer.  Also included were some vintage sewing notions and matching teal blue (or is it sea-foam green?) electric scissors.

This one just looked too fun to pass up. Most of my other vintage machines are by Singer, I had never stumbled across a clone so close to home before.  Side plate reminds me of a vintage tractor grill.

She just needs a good wipe-down with sewing machine oil to look clean and purty again. The cabinet really doesn't need refinishing.  There are just a few bumps of paint (maybe from a door jam when being moved).  I can live with a few faded spots and scratches, this really is a lovely find.

Oh, don't mind the puppy........  ;-)

Flower Bed

Come on....... smile.  You know you want to.                      

  (Image found on FB).