Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Signs of Spring

Its been so warm for weeks and weeks with just one hard freeze and a few days of chilling rain & wind. Our trees are budding and leafing but its awfully early, temps could drop to freeze again.  I'm enjoying mornings where the front door can be left open, so many birds are coming back.  Hearing early morning bird song is very uplifting.  

To me this fabric print is everything spring.  
 There were so many fabric sales in December it was hard to maintain control. I found this wonderful piece on Etsy, just a half yard but I knew it would make a pretty tote bag.  The bag will be large like a shopping bag because I don't want to cut off any of this lovely print.
 Maybe the bottom will be a blue canvas to match the vivid blues in those flowers and birds.  I know there is a blue canvas in my stash, just gotta dig around.

This little guy from the Nogales shelter ended up staying with us.  It was so hard to potty train him,  some days I was pulling my hair out.  He was a foster being prepped  for adoption but my husband and I were afraid to release him.  I had his wetting inside under control with a belly wrap but who really wants to commit to adopting a leg-lifter?  We worried the little guy would get kicked around if someone lost their temper with him.  (I'm amazed at how many people use corporal punishment on a dog for the dog doing what comes naturally to a dog).
The leg lifting finally stopped inside the house, (after six months).  It finally clicked in that little pea sized brain and he is now doing his biz outside. Husband gave the name "Monster" to this little Malti-poo and it fits him to a "T". After six months of potty training we were attached so kept Monster. He has a place in the pack, surprisingly he is not a nasty little snapping leader.  I'm not sure who is in charge but Monster has learned to stay out from under the big poodle feet and knows how to juggle for a spot on the sofa. He is still crated when I cannot keep an eye on him.

No words of wisdom today.  Saw my doc last week and she adjusted my meds, taking a new anti-inflammatory that makes me very sleepy (a very odd reaction) but I am able to walk around more with less nerve pain in my hips, legs and feet. Hopefully my body will adjust like it did with the other meds.
Worst thing is my doc said she is retiring in a year and a few months.  I almost burst into tears. She is the first doc that was able to help and she was very understanding because she also suffers  with nerve pain.

Gypsy is bugging me to get up.  We had rain and wind yesterday so everyone has cabin fever.  Time to go out and check things, water horses and fill bird feeders.   
 Our handy-man neighbor painted my old pic-nic table, it's a very purple purple.  The table and bench sit under the big carport with lots of room all around. Our poodles like for me to sit out there and watch them play. Guess I'll go do that.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Soup Weather & Other Stuff

Excited to share these fabrics that I'm sewing into a large tote bag.  The print is called "Funny Farm" by fabri-quilt (found on eBay).  Red wood print is from Hobby Lobby, I'll use it for a bottom band and handles.  I think my sis would like this, she lives and works in farm and ranch land, co-workers will be jealous when they see it.
 *:P tongue 
Here is the link  to a delish  SOUP .   Any white bean works and I add chopped cooked chicken at the end of simmering.  If you try this soup then I suggest cooking your chopped kale with onion and carrots, be sure to cook it long enough so that it's easy to chew.  We love kale so I double the amount called for.

Wine is the secret ingredient to this recipe.  Oh my goodness, is adds so much flavor so don't leave it out, just add to taste. Sourdough Cracked Wheat bread goes great, pop in toaster and spread with a little butter. Yum.

Cold weather the past few days, cloudy with drizzly rain.   No matter the weather, Chelsea still begs to walk, here she is going down the road with her dad.  She lives for him to come home and walk after work.  
Chel went out for grooming last week, her hair is so soft and fluffy now. The soft fluff is made by brushing and high velocity blowing at the same time.  My arms don't hold up for that so when next bathed by me she will be curly. Oh well, the poodles don't mind.

Gypsy doesn't like to walk, I don't think she ever walked with her previous owner.  Sometimes I take her with me to shop, she rides quietly and sticks to me while in the stores.
I gave Gypsy a snack, they all think the Ritz cracker is so tasty.  Don't worry,  everyone else was cracker treated too.
*:-)/\:-) high five

Friday, January 9, 2015

Last Summer

Last summer I dabbled in making tote bags.  This one I really enjoyed creating because the fabric is so awesome.  Fall colors are my favorite plus images of crows, scarecrows, pumpkins, sunflowers etc make me smile.

I used a heavy jeans thread for top-stitching.  The blue is a heavy jeans fabric. Inside the bag is woven interfacing and a heavy fleece that keeps the bag from crumpling (is that a word?).  Both are fusible products by Pellon.

Inside has pockets and D-rings for hooking on key chains or what ever.  There are so many free patterns and video tutorials you could make a zillion totes, purses, grocery bags (you get the idea) without ever purchasing a pattern.

My favorite photo from last summer.  That's Moose in the background, Gypsy (my fun black girl) and Missy our lovely silver girl.

Missy has slowly blossomed from an injured limpy poodle girl to a happy bouncy smiling girl.  The injured leg is strong now, Missy actually runs and jumps into the air.
You can tell this area had lots of rain and everything greened up, grass growing faster than we could keep it mowed.
These big poodles are such a magical breed.  They are so tuned in, intuitive to the people around them. I'm not sure how well I could get along without their company.

Ah, today is a beautiful day,  cold and rain moved out so the front door is open for fresh air.  Too bad I need to go grocery shopping, ha.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Wishes (No Resolutions)

It was a very quiet Christmas for us.  I had to come down with a virus of some kind, a horrible headache along with both ears aching for days.  I was living on ibu and aspirin.  DH put up a poodle tree for us to enjoy, next year I hope to put up the big tree.

My big goal for this year is to have more fun with my sewing skills. That means finish quilt tops, and (why not) start a couple of new quilts. Yes I have lots more wishes but I'm  not wanting to get ahead of myself and be unrealistic about what I can truly accomplish.

These kitty blocks have languished (8+ yrs!) in a baggie and on my flannel wall for way too long.  I'll sash each block with a narrow solid black but have used up all the black yardage in my stash.
  I do use lots of black so will have to re-stock soon.

This past summer I tried my hand at tote bag making (thank you for the inspiration Sandra).   Well, I quickly figured out that my computerized Viking is not happy to sew thru thick layers of interfacing. Heavy lining fleece is needed to give the bags structure and my fav is fused on along with a woven fused interlining.   I read that vintage Singer machines can handle extra fabric thickness so I'll be setting one up, maybe the Rocketeer (503a model).

These hunt scene pieces (for tote bag fronts) are from a yard of old Alexander Henry fabric. Funny how the black shows up blue in my photo.

New Years Day we woke up to a light dusting of snow that quickly melted.  Friday sunrise revealed a heavy frozen fog that lasted until late morning, then it was a sunny cold day.  Very unusual for us to have this weather phenomenon, it's happened maybe 2 or 3 times before in our ten+ years here in Arizona.
 View (or should I say no view) towards Huachuca Mountains.

Saturday was sunny but excruciatingly cold (to us).  It never did get over 25 degrees and overnight temp was 17.   Our Poodles get rowdy in such nippy temps, they all had been racing up and down the barn lane, nipping and barking.  Gypsy and Chel are the only ones I dared let thru the gate with loose horses.
Gypsy's body is clipped the shortest so she wore the pink jacket.
Yes, the little blip of a white dog is the Nogales rescue.  Explanation of why he is still here another time. :-)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Almost 2015 ?

Have missed Blog Land. Had a quiet summer and fall, ready to come back (missed every one !!!).

Sorry to start with sad news. Mimsy went to the Rainbow Bridge the day after Thanksgiving, Pibbs went the day after Christmas. Both had a serious illness this past summer but recovered, until now.

                                          Hard to believe they would become friends.

                                          But they did. 
                                          RIP Mimsy

                                          RIP Mr. Pibbs

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mr. Pibbs Update

He is still with us but not sure for how long.  No vomiting and appetite is back.  But, Mr. Pibbs is not right. He sleeps more than usual and has an unwell look. I'll stock up more iv fluid bags for over the week-end. Dehydration is still a problem. DH will have to decide when it is time to let go.

Do you follow SEW for Home ? Lots of nifty ideas, projects, tutorials.  The vinyl see-thru pouch is the latest project and it has a very easy to follow tutorial.  I think you could use well pressed scrap strips in place of the ribbon.  A bias tape maker would be helpful (and I would use starch).   Here is - DIRECT LINK to the Pouch Project.  Projects change every few days..

I'll be babysitting Mr. Pibbs all weekend, hope to cut up some quilt kits and sew a little (to reduce some stress).
Thank you to every one that said a prayer for Pibbs and voiced concern for him. Comments and emails are very comforting.
And for the inquiry about that snake- It was a Diamondback rattler.  DH has made sure to study his snake skin patterns and head shapes. We don't want to "dispatch" or displace good snakes that help rid the yards of vermin. There are some Kings and a Coachwhip is back. Ick, saw the Coral but he lays low behind the horse barn. That one is shy and runs away, thank goodness.
DH was asking our veterinarian about poisonous snake bite and the poodles. One thing she said that stuck in my mind- rattlers roam in one acre territories. So, if we see one in our yard, that's its home. Dangerous situation, so best to be rid of it.  She has livestock at her house and the pigs kill rattle snakes. They grab and shake to death then eat the snake !  Gives me crawling skin Heebie-Jeebies to think about it.
Everyone, hope you have a safe and great weekend. *;) winking 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mr. Pibbs

Pibbs needs a prayer from everyone.  He is very sick. Diabetes has been hard on this old kitty.  His insulin was raised from 3.5 units to 4 units a few weeks ago.  Blood sugar is still too high.  This morning he sicked up what little food he ate and was drinking lots of water.
 Emergency trip to vet this morning reveals dehydration.  Vet gave Pibbs a high protein paste supplement and IV fluids.  She declined to do a bunch of tests and make Mr. Pibbs miserable. He was sent home with supplement and fluids for us to give IV sub-q.  DH was also at the vet, he is very concerned about his kitty.  If Pibbs does not ralley tonight then he won't get better, there is no way to fix and also no "quality of life".

 I'm back home with Pibbs, DH went back to work, he has a very long and busy week.  I'm sorting thru some Connecting Threads fabrics, found these strips of Golden Age.  Jinny Doan has a new video for a different version of "Summer in the Park" that would suit this collection.  I'm adding the butterfly fabric in strips and maybe a border.
 Butterfly wings have a touch of purple that's not as obvious without a camera flash. I think it  should fit in with all the other fabrics even though no purple is to be found in this collection. Hey, it's my fabric choice- no quilt police here. (Smile).

I've been digging thru my stash to find all of the poodle prints.  I plan to make a few totes to donate to Arizona Poodle Rescue for selling or auctioning.  Been searching free (easy) bag patterns on line and also bought a few patterns from eBay sellers.  My stash is not full of poodle prints, not much manufactured over the years but as available, I purchase.  Applique looks like a good choice for some plainer totes, maybe even screen printing poodle silhouettes.
 Lots of ideas but going to start with THIS BAG to practice and then another  TOTE BAG to practice. Lots of stash fabrics to use up practice sewing, I can also get acquainted with fusible interfacing and adding a zipper.
Did someone say it's too hot to quilt?

Found in chicken coop last night. Dang thing was coiled up next to sleeping hens.  DH quickly dispatched the dangerous creature.