Friday, February 22, 2019

Across the Frozen Tundra

South East Arizona. Yes. It. Does. Snow. Here.
         Side yard. My "green place".  Mulberry tree, fig bushes, apple tree (that had started to bloom),  weeping pine, trumpet vines.
View to backyard.

Highway to our dirt road. (Photo from Cochise County Sheriff Dept.)
Cochise County doesn't have a snow plow.   Both highways to Tombstone are closed now.  Sheet ice reported in all foothills along with low visibility (we are in the foothills).  Snow will stop around 4pm today and temps will drop to 20's.

A brighter photo-  Anna's Hummingbird, downtown Tucson.
Great time for me to be sick in bed. Husband is dealing with wet muddy poodles and feeding livestock.  Even cooking and grocery shopping (glad he went yesterday !). He got a snow day off work, Ft. Huachuca is closed as is just about everything else in this county.

Stay tuned.  Temps here next week in 70's !

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Gypsy Wife Fabrics

Went thru my extensive stash, found lots of scraps and FQ's to use.  Lucky I had an open jelly roll to sort thru and there are two strips of each fabric.  That's very handy because long strips in the quilt are longer than WOF. 
I want a few more purples so will stop into Hobby Lobby for those, nothing else needed.  My yardage stash has plenty to cut from, it was nice not to need a major fabric purchase.  I may sew two of these, we have a month to finish each section.  With all the upcoming sweat and tears to figure out this quilt, might as well finish more than one.
 Sunday Funnies...........


Saturday, February 2, 2019

Gypsy Wife Sew Along

On Face Book.  Over 2,000 have signed up- wow !  
Me too.
I have my booklet pattern thingy.  Found one of the last copies at Fabric Party- Etsy shop a few weeks ago (copies are re-ordered and due in Feb. 4th).  So many places sold out, even Amazon, twice now.
Apparently many quilters have a love-hate for the Gypsy Wife pattern. There were mistakes in the pattern besides not much direction given in the booklet (easy to find corrections for first edition now).  I saw the quilt myself and always wanted to attempt putting it together. But, always kinda knew it would be a disaster, never finished.
So, I've joined the FB group, day one starts Feb 2nd, today.   We are working one section at a time, and a whole month for each section.  There will be tutorials and answered questions. 
I'll be posting a photo of my fabrics soon and hope to start cutting once a few more decisions are made.
Anyone interested in the sew-along, join up on Face Book (Gypsy Wife Sew Along 2019)!  You will need a pattern to join or proof that it's been ordered (photo of receipt). And if you are curious about this quilt, just google or go to Pinterest, there are lots of beautiful finished Gypsy Wife quilt photo's out there.


Monday, December 17, 2018

Enjoy (Updated Link)

This advert showed up somewhere on FB. I saved it because I enjoy watching.   Please watch (in full screen)  and I hope you enjoy.
Link-    Charming Ad
YouTube in case original link doesn't work-  YOUTUBE

And if that doesn't work just go to YouTube and search for

The Season's Best Holiday Ad - Bouygues Christmas 2018

Please be kind to your children. And dance with them.