Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bittersweet Quilt & Painting

Here is the Country Lane/Bittersweet quilt all finished.  Millie at Millie's Quilting did a beautiful job, an edge to edge pantograph.  So glad I did not try to quilt this myself.

 I've tried to show the lovely panto pattern but the fabrics are busy.
 I really like stripes for binding and was glad the collection had a perfect stripe.

There is enough fabric left for another quilt. The shop only cuts full yards and the pattern called for 1/2 yard of each print.
 All the extra fabric is put away with the pattern.  I'll work on the second quilt in 2014.
(Country Lane quilt pattern).
Paint Pan Poodles.  The door was blocked off but Gypsy pushed thru the barricade.  Oh my goodness, I was trying to not laugh, DH was having a cow.  Gypsy ran right over the paint roller pan, both front feet stepped in the paint.  DH tried to make a grab for her but she took off running. Lots of cute paint paw prints all over the floors and she managed to plow over Mouse and stepped on both of  his front legs.
It was just a small set-back in our painting plans.  Had to rush and wet mop the paint trail, all came up but the poodle kids will have to wear the paint for a while.
Now this coming week I'll be putting things back and hopefully have a bunch of stuff to donate. When sun is right I'll take some photos of the paint, too cloudy today.  I love the golden sunflower yellow!


  1. The quilt is absolutely beautiful (how big is it?) - the fabrics are so luscious, and the backing and binding are just perfect! Very cool that there's enough fabric for another quilt - you already know how well the fabrics work together, lol. OMG how I laughed about the Paint Pan Poodles - I wish you'd been able to get pictures of the paw prints but I know it was more important to get them cleaned up right away :D The paint on Mouse kills me - it's certainly a lovely colour, LOL!

  2. LOL at Paint poodles, too funny and can't wait to see the color of the room. Your quilt is FANTASTIC! I love that you have enough left for another quilt, those colors are wonderful, like Autumn on a quilt! Have a great day! Hugs, Mickie

  3. Deb, your quilt turned out magnificently! It is really gorgeous. And the poodles - you might as well laugh. It's a lot more fun than crying or getting mad. (Yep, we have those days here, too.)

  4. love the quilt Deb... such lovely colours all together.... and I loved the poodle and paint story....

  5. Your quilt is beautiful Deb. Thanks for sharing the cute poodle and paint story. :)

  6. How funny about your paint poodle! Beautiful quilt!