Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Time Friday

Pretty spring fabric bundle from eBay seller. (I added the far left blue from stash).
I'm thinking maybe add a few yellows and make string blocks with bird and bloom fabrics as borders.
Mr Pibbs enjoys sunshine before the blistering summer sun arrives.All critters with dark fur will soon be seeking shade.
Pibbs mostly loves to roll on concrete.He sits at front door and yowls if he cannot get out.
Java enjoys warm sun on front porch too.That huge snapdragon was a volunteer, started growing in February. Roots grew up from under block fencing.
Today is a good day to plant. Not too hot and wind is just a little breezy.
Future garden :) in a wagon.

Snoopy hens want to see what is up. Spring temps and longer sun hours make the girls thrive.

I've been slack on starting to sew those twister blocks. Outside chores and such keep me so busy lately. By evening with supper cooked and cleaned up I'm too tired to sew :( Maybe tonight I can get some strips marked for HST's.


  1. That is some really pretty fabric. Ebay is our friend. LOL We got a little bit more planted today. And yes, while the weather is nice, it's a good idea to get as much done as we can.

  2. Mr. Pibbs and Java look happy to be out in the sunshine - Zoomer likes to sit on a chair in front of the patio door in the kitchen (we call it his throne, lol) - he watches outside and gets excited when he sees squirrels and leaves flying across the yard :)

    Love your fabrics - I have 3 of those blues!! That bird and flower fabric is gorgeous - it goes so well with the blue prints - adding yellows will make a great palette :)