Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

1930's reproduction fabrics in springy Easter colors.This top is a blast from the past, several years old from a swap. Once finished it will make a pretty baby quilt. (I would like to quilt whiskers and tails on each block).

Mr. Pibbs is so dirty today, from cement rolling. He is covered in a fine dirt dust, the stuff I fight in my house daily. The wind blows and covers the cement patio, lots "sifts" into my house. We have never lived any place where dirt dust was this bad.
On the bright side- today is a beautiful day, so I'll be potting up more flowers and tomato plants.
Wishing all a Blessed Easter, no matter how (or if) you celebrate.


  1. HAHA Mr. Pibbs looks like he had lots of fun rolling in the dust - Zoomer does that too, on the rare occasions he gets outside - he rolls around on the dusty dirty patio stones - silly boys!

    Love the cat quilt top - it's so colourful and fun! Tails and whiskers would make the perfect quilting embellishment :D

  2. Pretty flowers! Hope you had a nice Easter (Mr. Pibbs, too) :o) That cat quilt top is adorable, and would make a great baby quilt!

  3. Happy Easter to you all! Mr Pibbs...looks like you have had a great time rolling on the concrete! My boys love to do that, when they get outside too. The quilt is lovely as well...great patterns and fabrics!

    ~Four Crazy Cats