Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yesterday's Quiet Afternoon

Fabric strips for Twister blocks. All 20 different hues cut from stash. I dug deep for some.Background fabric should arrive in mail today. Cannot wait to sew a few blocks, I'm liking this one so far.

Mr Pibbs sleeping on spare bed while I sorted thru my stash.He fit in one small open area between plastic tubs and "stuff".

Java poodle sleeping in den.Rest of poo-kids sleeping all around the house. High winds today, no one wanted to settle down for a long time (cabin fever?). Finally, sleeping critters made for some quiet time here. No garden planting for me in this cold wind.
Tomorrow is another day.


  1. I am loving all those strips!! Can't wait to see the block. :o) Don't you just love the look of a sleeping animal. They look so peaceful. xo

  2. Your twister colours look very cheerful. The pets look very relaxed. I feel like a bit of a nap myself :)

  3. love the colours of your strips.... will be lovely... pets all look very comfortable...

  4. Pretty, pretty colors! Waiting to see the first blocks.

    It's hot here. Or at least mid eighties feels hot to me. So I have no excuse for not getting the garden totally planted. Other than laziness. LOL

  5. Those are some luscious tone on tone fabrics! I stock up on TOT's when they go on sale - they work so well with most prints - they're like a neutral with kick!

    You thought Mr. Pibbs was sleeping, but in actual fact he was supervising ;) Java looks comfy - is he settling in?