Monday, September 19, 2011

Hoping to finish this scarecrow by Oct 1st. The metal zig-zag foot did not let me see where I was going. Switched to the open toe, I can see but not much control of fabric with less foot. I may switch to a clear plastic zig-zag foot next. This is good practice for applique skills. I'm not concerned if it looks a bit messy, the scarecrow is kinda "rustic" anyways. LOL

Lots of warm days left, the garden is growing fast. I am so happy to see things growing and green. The squash seeds zoomed up and tomato plants in this photo were volunteers growing where I had the pots sitting at edge of drive.Husband pulled them up after a rain and I stuck them in garden plot. All stood tall after the harsh treatment.

Wonky was groomed on Saturday. My DH had to help by holding Wonky. Wonks doesn't like his tail area clipped and tries to sit down. This boy is packed with muscles, it was hard for both of us to keep him up.Now two are groomed and bathed (they smell good and have not rolled in mud yet). Zoey needs grooming but she is sleeping lots, gets tired very quickly. Matilda needs her face and feet clipped, maybe will do that next weekend.

Goofy Buff Leghorn. Both of the hens are flighty and a pain but both give a big white egg almost every day.After the camera flash she ran like heck and squawked for ten minutes.

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  1. I just adore that scarecrow!!! Please share where to find the pattern---I just have to have one! :D And your adorable poodles, sending hugs just for them. My sister is in a difficult place right now---having to come to terms with her poodle, Snuggles, who's 12 and is beginning to face the Rainbow Bridge.