Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Spending a little time each day to sort my fabrics. Found the other fall fabrics to go with my Harvest Market panel.Must be sure all the fabrics get bundled with the panel so nothing is missing when ready to start this project.

Found the Harvest Market panel!
Decided to order an extra panel so my sis can have one. There will be plenty of the companion fabrics to use up. Ebay seller has several panels left (yay!).

Close up of a favorite square.

And another.

Walls behind bookcases are painted. I slid the one case back so there was room for Chelsea's crib mattress.She womped down on it immediately. The cover I sewed from remnant upholstery fabric. It is easy to wash and slips back on to fit like a crib sheet.

Mouse seems to be cold after his groom. He is curled into a ball on sofa.He goes out and lays in the sun, too hot for me. I'll have to put a t-shirt on him tonight. We still have air conditioner running 24/7.

The last clouds of six nights of rain. No more beautiful cloud sunsets when the rainy season (Monsoon) stops.Now a dry spell for a while if the weather guy is correct in his prediction. LOL I don't think our Monsoon is officially over yet.


  1. Lovely fabric find... so much to look at...

  2. Your fall fabrics look inviting but the dogs and I are not ready to put away our summer bright golds and greens.

  3. Love your quilting projects! I have some of that pumpkin fabric and have used in for patchwork pillow covers.