Friday, September 23, 2011

Paint Color Choices

Painted yesterday with my friend, Karen. Truly, she does most of the work, cutting in and high ladder rolling. I use the roller where I can reach with both feet on floor. DH and I compromised on this color- "Tiny Fawn".He wanted a brown, I wanted a warmer rusty desert sand color. Pictures hung to get a better feel of paint colors. The rusty color paint swallows the picture and makes the wall seem huge! Have to relocate the picture. I think a quilt would look nice behind the sofa :)

This is the bump-out with Tiny Fawn around door to kitchen. Next to that is Sienna Dust, main color used on the rest of walls.

Entry arch to living room. Hard to capture true colors in photos. The Sienna Dust is a warm tan, DH and I both like it very much.

Well, DH really really does not like the warm rusty color at all. But he says go ahead and leave it, we can re-paint with a different color later on.
Not sure what to do. Leaning towards just changing the color now while the painting is being done.

MouseMan wants to know what the big deal is.
He thinks painting is boring and would rather snack on a treat then toddle off to bed. (Mouse looks like Hairy Scarey just a few days after grooming). LOL

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  1. We just painted our basement family room - I'm the edger. All your colours are lovely. Mouse looks like he's been out partying while you were painting, cute.