Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Been Way Too Busy

I love all things fall and could not resist adding a few sale fabrics to the stash.
These will go perfectly with a panel found on eBay a few weeks ago. (Will share panel photo when I remember where I stashed it!). LOL Guess it won't be a finished project this year.

Pet photo of the day- Mimsy.She seems to blend in quite well. DH has sat on her a few times! Poor Mims.

Planted squash seeds last week, they are growing so fast. This is time of year to re-generate a garden. Waiting for the pea seeds, onions, lettuce, spinach and radishes to sprout. No problem with grasshoppers since the garden box is patrolled by the hens. We decided to have the garden in a bare spot where the hens free range. Wire keeps them from destroying plants.

Woke to a foggy morning, glad I was up early. Huachuca Mountains and entire valley was "socked in".Very rare thing in our part of AZ.
Been busy with painting and poodle grooming. Hope to finish painting the living room this week and sneak in a Wonky Poodle haircut. More about all that later.

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  1. such a lot of variety in the weather there isn't it.... hard to imagine the fog.... lovely to see the garden growing...