Sunday, September 4, 2011

He Has A Face- Sorta

Rainy day today. Maybe this project will get close to a finish. He needs a mouth but it gets stitched on by hand with pearl cotton. The stitches will be big "x's" so maybe will do that after quilting.
Here are the applique pieces. I'm still cutting double everything for an extra Scarecrow kit.Ugh, ironed the fuze web to right (wrong side) of green stem fabric. I kept telling myself to not do that.

Could not resist snapping this photo of the two little guys. Mouse and MicroDog are best buddies.Here they are waiting for food bowls.

Mattie is doing well. She is outside more and has taken to following Wonky around the yard. If I am out then she's my shadow. This is good considering she would not come near us for most of the almost two years she has been here.No matter her shyness, Matilda has always had a good appetite.

Patch was out last night. She has learned to be quiet and sneaky when an outside door is opened. This kitty will have to start wearig a bell collar.Patch is back safe inside and bathing off the outdoors. We found 1/2 a packrat body at front door :( blech! We don't mind her getting the rats, it's the time of year those little kritters try to nest in the vehicles. They gnaw on wiring to wear their teeth down. It's no fun to turn on truck headlights and have one out because the wire was chewed!


  1. A house is definitely not a home without a Poodle. How true.

  2. Scarecrow is going to be great - I really need to make a fall quilt! Micro dog looks like a real sweetie, bless you for lovin' him while he waits for his forever home.

  3. I always love the pictures of the dogs... and your scarecrow is great... I also do that with ironing on the wrong side... sometimes I pretend Idid that on purpose to get a different shade!!

  4. aww the scarecrow is soo it.

    our cat growing up would always leave her great CATCH at the door...ugh.

    Lizards would run into my mom's stereo speakers!

    Dogs and Cats..we need them!

    My Gus is my shadow ..literally...too! I almost trip on him he stays so close!