Thursday, May 4, 2017

May Flowers

"Flower" blocks unearthed from a  years ago swap.  Fabrics were required to be florals of a medium to lighter value.  I have in mind a way to set these but for now they will be bagged and again stored away. 

 A new baby girl has joined us.  Don't let her "cuteness" fool you.  Her name is Summer but she is aka "Tazzie" and "Summer Storm".  
                                   More about Summer another time.


  1. LOL @ "Summer Storm" - I bet she's a livewire! And very pretty :) How old is she? The flower blocks are pretty too - and its certainly the season for them :)

  2. Nice to see you again!!! Summer is a cutie pie, no matter what her behaviour! I love your quilt! It's perfect for this season of rejuvenation!!! Hugs and hugs! PS--be sure to check out the photos of our new baby on out blog:)

  3. Very pretty summer flowers! I love your new dog...I have a black little poodle, and I just love her to death!

  4. Our babies DO keep life interesting, don't they! Those blocks look like they'd turn into something really special. Don't let them marinate toooo long! LOL