Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kitty Appliques

Found these on eBay for a few dollars and the cutting out was already done.  I think they will be cute down on the bottom corner of a quilt. 

There are two panels of these.  Yes, supposed to be door stops but I think they will work ok for an applique.  Have to figure out how to use the back piece of a cat.  Maybe embroider a face on..... it's just for fun, a kid would especially enjoy a kitty on a quilt.

eBay seller also had scrap strips and squares for a few dollars so could not pass them up.  New scraps always help freshen the old scrap pile.

My great find from last summer........... a Japanese clone "Adler".   This one was actually just a 30 min. drive to pick up.  (I used to drive over to Tucson to look at vintage machines but 70 (x2) miles is just too long a drive now).  The lady selling was downsizing and no longer sewed. It was her moms machine and she really hated to part with it.  I did not try this machine, the cord was too dried/crackled to safely plug in.  But the price was right at $45, this included the original wood cabinet.
 Bobbin case and plate cover are stashed in the little tip-out drawer.  Also included were some vintage sewing notions and matching teal blue (or is it sea-foam green?) electric scissors.

This one just looked too fun to pass up. Most of my other vintage machines are by Singer, I had never stumbled across a clone so close to home before.  Side plate reminds me of a vintage tractor grill.

She just needs a good wipe-down with sewing machine oil to look clean and purty again. The cabinet really doesn't need refinishing.  There are just a few bumps of paint (maybe from a door jam when being moved).  I can live with a few faded spots and scratches, this really is a lovely find.

Oh, don't mind the puppy........  ;-)

Flower Bed

Come on....... smile.  You know you want to.                      

  (Image found on FB).

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