Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Well, gosh.  I'm back journaling again, not sure how to keep up but gonna give it another try.
I left off with a teaser about our last poodle rescue.  Her name is Summer and she's now past her first year.

Dear Summer is a "special needs" poodle.  She is prone to long seizures so takes phenobarbital twice daily.  There is something goofy about her..... her whole body seems spastic.  When playing and running she carries her head thrown back and her rear-end is weak so she falls easily.  Summers eyes are not set quite right.  She can focus but one eye is crooked, the socket is off kilter.  The vet said she kinda has the look of Bill the Cat.  Ouch. 

Summer is very lovable and has finally learned to play with others.  She used to be a "runs with scissors" kinda girl but had to settle down to be accepted by the others.  It was weeks, then months of intense training and loving to get this girl squared away.  There were times when I wondered what we were doing, was Summer ever going to "get it" and be a half way sensible poodle ?  I don't even want to talk about potty training.

DH became very dedicated to raising Summer. He would come home from work and take over, giving me a much needed rest.  He loves Summer very much and she slowly responded.  I don't remember when she turned the corner but when she did.... well, her intelligence really started to show. 

Bathing and clipping is the last nightmare to overcome.  Summer turns feral when it comes to grooming. She has to be heavily sedated for clipping so we do all grooming at home. 

With all the challenges.... Summer is very loved and has become an integral part of the poodle pack. 


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww Summer looks like a lovely sweet girl - and with the love and attention and care she's obviously getting, she's going to do very well, I'm sure. Nice to meet you, Summer - you're very pretty! I'm going to be meeting a poodle puppy in a couple of weeks - I'm visiting Miss Scout (born in March) in Pennsylvania when hubby and I visit my blogger-->real life friend Mickie and family :)

    So how's everything else going, Deb - are you getting any sewing in, and or time on your longarm?

  2. Thanks for sharing about Summer. She is a beautiful girl and is very lucky to you found you.

  3. She's a sweetie and has obviously found her perfect place in the world. You and your husband do so much good! Our pets are frequently challenging, but they are worth it! Every time.

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