Sunday, February 5, 2017

Remembering Ruby

Ruby came to live with us about two years ago. She was a fun and sweet old girl.  
Her nose was always kinda grubby dirty looking because she liked to root around in the weed grasses.  Her favorite sport was trying to spook the rabbits and give them a good run. 

Surveying out front with baby Poppet and Monster the malti-poo.   I remember this, her last spring with us.  It had been warm and then a cold snap.  Glad we had not clipped off their poodle coats.  

A favorite pose and sleeping position.

I became so used to looking up and seeing Ruby curled on her favorite spot.  If she wasn't snoring, she was watching me.
Cancer took our sweet poodle girl, Nov 23 2017.

I ran across a fabric collection named "Little Ruby" by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.  Bright and pretty fabrics that remind me of Ruby.  The scrap bag will be perfect to stitch a string quilt from.
A little memory quilt to remember our Ruby...... not that we will ever forget this wonderful girl.

This is so true.


  1. Oh I am so sorry! I remember when you got her and she was pretty shy. Hugs and hugs. It's been a bad couple of months for us poodle gals. Thinking of you....Mickie

  2. It is just so danged hard to adjust to that empty space!!! I'm being faced with this sooner rather than later with my sweet sweet Bayley---a dacshund, who has hyercalcemia. Breaks my heart for all of us. Sending hugs.

  3. She does look like an exceptionally sweet girl! I so admire you and your husband for rescuing so many over the years and giving them a happy home. And yes, it is going to be a beautiful quilt! And indeed yes, the spot our babies inhabited is a huge empty hole. So thankful there are more babies to love, who each inhabit their own space in our hearts.

  4. My poodle friends are going through hard times - I feel your pain, and think about my own late furbabies ... sometimes that makes me weepy, but mostly now, it makes me smile :)

  5. A lovely tribute to Ruby today. It is hard finding a new normal when you lose a friend. It's been over two years since I lost Smokey and I still look at his favorite spots and expect to see him there.