Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Miracle In the Side Yard

Hummingbird nest in our Mulberry tree!  Hard to see the tiny nest and if I stepped outside mom bird zipped away. I ended up sticking my camera out the sliding door and snapped a few blind shots.  The nest is so tiny..... to picture it, think about a short bit of hollowed-out dried corncob.   
Can you find mom on the nest ?  Look down low, along top edge of the old chicken box.

 The first day we found one egg.  Second day there were two.  Size of my photo is deceiving, eggs are so small, smaller than a JellyBelly jelly bean.  Bottom diameter of nest is maybe dime size or a smidge larger.

We avoided going outside for several days but could carefully peak thru a window to make sure mom bird was ok.  This area was hit by two heavy rain storms and high wind.  I feared the nest would be destroyed but it held together.

This morning when I saw mom bird leave to feed, look at the miracle I found ! Bits of egg shell and two itty-bitty hatchlings.  Oh. My. Goodess.  
If I sound tickled and excited......................... well I am.

Moms feeding area,  Trumpet vines around side yard.  


Beginnings of a quilt, started last week.  Mountain Majesty panels by Benartex.  Husband chose the fabric, it's an old line and was a long search to find companion fabrics.
Not having a pattern really threw me. Benartex does not archive older free patterns, (most other fabric companies do). Anyways Pinterest was a great help for ideas.   Next blog entry I'll (hopefully) share a photo of completed top.

Saw this on FB, it gave me a chuckle.
Some days it feels like I'm doing this quite often !

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