Friday, August 14, 2015

Working With Kitties?

On my design wall. All batik fabrics.  How to sew the rows? Tired of just straight rows of side-by-side kitties.  Maybe add sashing to make them tipsy?  Maybe I'm just tired of all the kitty blocks.

There is another stack of these waiting to be a quilt, (brighter colors).  Husband wants a kitty quilt for the bed or to hang for display.  I'm still stuck on getting tops quilted.

Chelsea got her groom on last week. Groomer said the poor girl sat and howled like a wolf while waiting for me to pick her up.  Oh my, she was so happy to see me walk thru the door.
Felt bad about her being so upset,  maybe I should groom her at home.  We already have two that cannot go to a shop. These are my babies, I'm crazy like that.


  1. Hey Deb!!! Glad to see you are doing okay! Love the quilt! Poor Chelsea! Hope she gets over that seperation anxiety! They ARE our kids :) Hugs, Mickie

  2. Yes, they are our babies. But she sure does look pretty! I like those cat blocks. They look good just like that! One of these days I'll get to making some.