Friday, July 17, 2015

Hellooooo ! Still Here

Computer is at a repair shop.  DH replaced the hard-drive but then found all the USB ports were "broken".  Replacing USB ports is complicated so the shop will fix one and replace the new hard-drive because it was failing (yes, we were sent a bad one).  Repair guy is waiting for replacement to arrive.  Hopefully by end of next week I will be back in business.

Meanwhile I'm using a very old laptop from the closet. DH was able to get it working so I have email. Not supposed to download pics, but I did.
Just a few .
*;) winking

Gypsy was recently pro groomed. We found a fun shop, the owner loves to play with poodle hair. Gypsy is sporting a pony mane now, her hair grows fast so we will see how it looks in a few weeks.
(I copied these pics from shops FB page).

Found this pattern on eBay.  It's cut from a magazine and cost $1.25, what a deal.  Easy snowball blocks and pinwheels, the applique looks simple.  I think a charm pack and scraps would work for the pattern.
Would you believe that last night I found this very pattern in one of my old quilt magazines! LOL. Guess I better start paging thru the old mags instead of eBay shopping.

BTW-  I'm not a no-reply blogger. If you leave a comment it goes to my Yahoo mail box.  I try to answer all comments, especially if you ask a question.  Okey-dokey ?
*:) happy


  1. Gypsy looks very stylish - it would seem that your new groomer enjoys her job - I bet she loves on the puppers when they come to her :) She (the groomer) looks like she likes to kick back and have fun - I have a neighbour like that - my oldest son calls us two dirty old women ... HA!!!!!

    Great quilt pattern - colourful and fun - too funny that you ended up finding out that you have it at home already, lol!

  2. We just won't talk about things we've accidentally re-purchased. Okay? LOL!!!

  3. Hi Sue
    I commented but it went by the wayside. I was cleaning out my favorites bar and found this link. I am from the forum. aka Centergranny. in years past, you sent me a few patterns as well as the wonderful thin hospital gowns to use as foundation for lap quilts for the elderly in Nursing homes. I have often wondered where you went off to. But I see you are still here! I see you still have your gorgeous dog family. I have adopted my granddog, she is an 11 year old small MinPin. We relocated to TX from Oklahoma to be near our grandsons and their parents (dd and dsil) Daughter is now a Midwife and stays very busy. Hubby just happened to write a program for her ipad to do her charting on. Well needless to say, it took off like the wildfires that are raging out in CA. He has midwives all over the world using his App. Smart man he is.
    It was nice to see your blog. I will check in more often!