Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sorting Stash

OK, I stuck my neck out and joined a tote bag sew-along with the gals at  So Sew Easy .  The bag is a great pattern with videos of each step along with a picture tutorial.  Group sewing has started but I'm not really behind, lots of others haven't started yet.  Pattern and instructions will be available "forever", you may sign up any time.  Many have joined and are sharing  their work on Face Book. It's fun so far.
I just needed to choose two or three fabrics for the tote bag. 
 Too many choices. But I have finally narrowed it down.  Now to put the piles back onto the shelf .  I did have a good time getting to know my stash again.
 I'm sewing a bag for my sister while sewing one for me. She wants a floral print (sent her photos), still waiting for her to decide.   "Hurry up sis"! Wish she was close enough to come over to choose.
This small project will get me back to feeling familiar with sewing tools including the sewing machine.  I've been away too long!

Gypsy is always there, cheering me on.
The poo-kids are so much company, always on the look-out to see what I'm up to (and what I'm snacking on). LOL


  1. Gypsy is so cute, love her bow. Your floral prints are lovely, cant wait to see your sisters bag, What fabrics are you using for your bag?

  2. Our dogs are the same way, and the cats are almost as bad! They don't want to miss a thing. Can't wait to see your bag making.

  3. Can't wait to see your new bag! Adorable pup!

  4. Can't wait to see the new bag and its always fun to look at your cute and huge dogs.