Friday, August 21, 2015

Tote Bag Fabrics & Rain

Thinking these will be my tote bag sew-along fabrics. (Link Here)  Big flower print will be for large front and back pockets, tan ticking bag body and dusty pink the inside lining.   

I like these for a sewing tote. 
Hoping to start cutting this weekend.

Rain is on the way. The two boys are tucked under the barn roof with lots of hay.

Rain heading from north sky today.

Poodle kids running for cover. 

      Chelsea is still looking for that rabbit........   it's already far away (LOL).                      

Ha, Ruby has the best idea for this afternoon. 

She doesn't know it but tomorrow is bath and clean up day.  This girl had a good start in life with grooming. She is very good, even lets me paint her nails.

Hope everyone has a good relaxing week-end.

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