Thursday, October 1, 2015

Puppy Alert

This is our new five month old male pup adopted from Arizona Poodle Rescue.  He's been here not quite two weeks.  Such a smart baby and oh my goodness unless he is dead tired those little feet never touch the ground. We named him Poppet, name meaning *HERE*.

Poppet is a Moyen/Klein poodle.  I copied a brief description from *this Website*.   We are often asked, "what is a moyen"?   Technically, it is a small standard poodle in the 17" to 20" height at the shoulders and 25 to 35 lb in weight.  Moyenne, French for "middle", is a designated size in the poodle breed in France and describes the middle poodle in weight and height.  In this country we shorten the word to Moyen and here, in the US, it is a slang term only denoting a very small standard poodle.  In Germany, the size is called the Klein Pudel.
I guess your eyes are glazing over by now so ....... on to other things.

All summer storms boiled up from the south.  It was mostly hot and humid, now it's just hot.  Our area ended up with 2.5 inches of rain over the norm.

This one hit fast and hard at sunset.
 Lights in distance are Huachuca City, Huachuca Mountains as backdrop.

There were lots of beautiful rainbows after summer rains.

Chel and Gypsy always enjoy the cool breeze before a storm.

Monster rocked his 'Hawk and the color was great on him. It faded so fast, not sure if we will do it again.

Aw, Missy does not like her new hair cut. She would not look at me.

On the sewing front..... I cut bunches of strips from my stash.  If I remember correctly there are 40 strips, almost a jelly roll for a fall color quilt.
Purse, bags, totes? I cut out several, just need to get started sewing.

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  1. Well Deb, I wondered why you were being so quiet, and now I know. What an absolutely gorgeous young man you have there! I've never seen a poodle colored like that (not that I'm an expert by any wild stretch of the imagination.). Love your sky pictures, so pretty. Have fun with your fabrics, they look great.