Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Catching Up

 I have wanted to keep up with this journal, have to try harder.  Lots going on and I have taken  photos but cannot down-load until the new hard drive is installed.  At least this old laptop still limps along so I can read my blog list. The photos below were taken before problems started.

No sewing or quilting going on at all, have not felt much like being creative until my sewing room is fixed (cleaned) up.  DH has been helping me purge closets and clean the entire house. 
It takes time, this home was built for us nine years ago (this June) you know how things accumulate *:| straight face.  DH still works full time so a little here and there on weekends is slowly getting things done. 
Spring brings outside work, cutting a fenced two acres and getting control of weeds = many hours not to mention a fence line that needs clearing around seven acres. Dang tumble weeds are popping up all over along with those nasty sticker weeds we call "goat heads".  Too much to be pulled by hand.

Anyways.........  I'm looking forward to working with these Riley Blake charms and FQ's. Missouri Star has a tutorial that inspired me to purchase these fabrics last year. Here is a link to Jenny and her * Falling Charms  * tutorial.  It's simple sewing that lends to chain piecing, not too much concentration needed.  The quilt is so beautiful, hope mine looks similar. 

 With longer hours of sunlight our hens have started laying again.  No idea who is treating us to speckled eggs, there is one about every other day.  When the egg is washed and wet those speckles show up a purple color.  Makes me smile!

Poodle antics:
Ruby and Gypsy are pranking Missy. Missy was taking her turn sleeping in the big crate and Ruby pushed the door shut.  Monster is watching from his little bed/crate. All of the big poodles enjoy a crate but there is just not enough room to keep four crates set up in our dining room. They learned to take turns sleeping in the one.

Monster went for a groom last week.  I brought a tube of pet-safe color, supposed to be blue but somehow I picked up the wrong tube.  Uh-oh, oh my!
Dear husband picked Monster up from his appointment,  thanked the groomer, gave her a generous tip and laughed all the way home.  I'm glad the groomer has a FB page and shared the photo there so I could copy and share. I wonder if she wondered why I wanted my boy Malti-poo pink? LOL

Last month our Smudgie kitty became very sick, she was given antibiotics and sub-q fluids.  After the meds were finished she went for a dental and had a bad tooth pulled.  Now the little dear kitty is well, amazing she is 14 years and still going strong.
Lots of other happenings but will journal about those later on.   


  1. Sounds like you have been and will continue to be quite busy! The fabrics look great together...can't wait to see the finished project. Happy to hear the dogs and cat are doing well.

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  3. Hi , I just want to say HALLO to you! You have left so many kind comments on my blog but I'm unable to reply you by mail because you have a no-reply profile. Have a nice day!!

  4. LOL...your pink monster looks quite fetching! Soun

  5. Oops...hit the wrong button! Sounds like you're spending time doing the same thing I am...lots and lots of mowing and weed wrangling! I spent another 4 hours mowing this morning and now I'm too pooped to sew!
    I like that MSQ tutorial too...Jenny is a wonder with all she comes up with. I can't sew fast enough to keep up with her.

  6. You can see I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading, I just now saw you posted! LOVE the pink hair. Did you know that years ago it used to be blue for girls and pink for boys? You were just having a "throwback". LOL Enjoy your sewing!

  7. What a pretty selection of fabric! It looks like your furry children keep you busy too.

  8. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

    I love your idea! It would be great to use one of your fabrics in my quilt.
    I have collected and cut all 200 fabrics for the blocks, but I will add an appliquéd border and I haven't selected the fabrics for the flowers yet. So if it's OK for you, there can be a Wonky Girl Flower in my quilt ;o)

    Since I wasn't able to find your e-mailaddress (you commented on my blog anonymously), can you please send me an e-mail at info@elliesquiltplace.com ?

    Thank you!


  9. I won't try to reconstruct all my previous message, grrrrr internet grrrrr computers.... but the gist is.... blog again! I love seeing the poodle pix and quilts. LeeAnna and Cole at not afraid of color

  10. goodness, we need another poodle post. Cole thanks you for reading his poodle post! Thank you for the comments, and I would love to see some more poodle pix. I love a poodle related story! LeeAnna