Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Signs of Spring

Its been so warm for weeks and weeks with just one hard freeze and a few days of chilling rain & wind. Our trees are budding and leafing but its awfully early, temps could drop to freeze again.  I'm enjoying mornings where the front door can be left open, so many birds are coming back.  Hearing early morning bird song is very uplifting.  

To me this fabric print is everything spring.  
 There were so many fabric sales in December it was hard to maintain control. I found this wonderful piece on Etsy, just a half yard but I knew it would make a pretty tote bag.  The bag will be large like a shopping bag because I don't want to cut off any of this lovely print.
 Maybe the bottom will be a blue canvas to match the vivid blues in those flowers and birds.  I know there is a blue canvas in my stash, just gotta dig around.

This little guy from the Nogales shelter ended up staying with us.  It was so hard to potty train him,  some days I was pulling my hair out.  He was a foster being prepped  for adoption but my husband and I were afraid to release him.  I had his wetting inside under control with a belly wrap but who really wants to commit to adopting a leg-lifter?  We worried the little guy would get kicked around if someone lost their temper with him.  (I'm amazed at how many people use corporal punishment on a dog for the dog doing what comes naturally to a dog).
The leg lifting finally stopped inside the house, (after six months).  It finally clicked in that little pea sized brain and he is now doing his biz outside. Husband gave the name "Monster" to this little Malti-poo and it fits him to a "T". After six months of potty training we were attached so kept Monster. He has a place in the pack, surprisingly he is not a nasty little snapping leader.  I'm not sure who is in charge but Monster has learned to stay out from under the big poodle feet and knows how to juggle for a spot on the sofa. He is still crated when I cannot keep an eye on him.

No words of wisdom today.  Saw my doc last week and she adjusted my meds, taking a new anti-inflammatory that makes me very sleepy (a very odd reaction) but I am able to walk around more with less nerve pain in my hips, legs and feet. Hopefully my body will adjust like it did with the other meds.
Worst thing is my doc said she is retiring in a year and a few months.  I almost burst into tears. She is the first doc that was able to help and she was very understanding because she also suffers  with nerve pain.

Gypsy is bugging me to get up.  We had rain and wind yesterday so everyone has cabin fever.  Time to go out and check things, water horses and fill bird feeders.   
 Our handy-man neighbor painted my old pic-nic table, it's a very purple purple.  The table and bench sit under the big carport with lots of room all around. Our poodles like for me to sit out there and watch them play. Guess I'll go do that.


  1. Ohhhhhhh what a beautiful print, and I can just SEE a lovely bag with a turquoisey blue canvas base with that fabric - it'll be fabulous! Very springy :)

    I wonder why Monster had such a hard time with potty training - I guess if he's a rescue, I might not want to even think about that :( I'm glad he's settling in to his forever home and has made his bones with the rest of the furbabies :D He's very cute!

    I hope your medication side effects calm down and continue to help with the inflammation. That was my worst problem with the psoriasis before I got it under control - the raw hands and feet were bearable compared to the inflammation - oh it was bad :( Fortunately that was the first thing that went away when I went on the Humira - it stopped the inflammation in it's tracks after less than 2 days, and I've never had another moment's pain from it - what a relief! So I feel your pain, and I hope you can get things under control!

  2. That print will make a lovely bag. I had a very similar print and made 2 lovely cushions for my bed.

  3. Your new little guy is cute as anything and I don't blame you - after taking that long and that much trouble, I'd keep him, too. Really pretty fabric. I buy stuff like that and then don't want to cut it. ;-( Your picnic table sounds wonderful. It's still pretty cool here, though Mr. Muddling and I took a little drive today, just to get out a bit. Ready for Spring. Yes, I am. And I'm really looking forward to goodies in the mail! Thank you.