Thursday, January 15, 2015

Soup Weather & Other Stuff

Excited to share these fabrics that I'm sewing into a large tote bag.  The print is called "Funny Farm" by fabri-quilt (found on eBay).  Red wood print is from Hobby Lobby, I'll use it for a bottom band and handles.  I think my sis would like this, she lives and works in farm and ranch land, co-workers will be jealous when they see it.
 *:P tongue 
Here is the link  to a delish  SOUP .   Any white bean works and I add chopped cooked chicken at the end of simmering.  If you try this soup then I suggest cooking your chopped kale with onion and carrots, be sure to cook it long enough so that it's easy to chew.  We love kale so I double the amount called for.

Wine is the secret ingredient to this recipe.  Oh my goodness, is adds so much flavor so don't leave it out, just add to taste. Sourdough Cracked Wheat bread goes great, pop in toaster and spread with a little butter. Yum.

Cold weather the past few days, cloudy with drizzly rain.   No matter the weather, Chelsea still begs to walk, here she is going down the road with her dad.  She lives for him to come home and walk after work.  
Chel went out for grooming last week, her hair is so soft and fluffy now. The soft fluff is made by brushing and high velocity blowing at the same time.  My arms don't hold up for that so when next bathed by me she will be curly. Oh well, the poodles don't mind.

Gypsy doesn't like to walk, I don't think she ever walked with her previous owner.  Sometimes I take her with me to shop, she rides quietly and sticks to me while in the stores.
I gave Gypsy a snack, they all think the Ritz cracker is so tasty.  Don't worry,  everyone else was cracker treated too.
*:-)/\:-) high five


  1. Definitely soup weather! Yours looks good, and your poodle kids are so stylish. Those are some cute boots!

  2. Your soup looks delish and thanks for sharing the recipe. I agree, I don't drink alcohol but love cooking with it! The pups look adorable! Seamus just got groomed and is all fluffy, will try to post a photo of him. Stay warm!!! Hugs, Mickie

  3. I'm with Gypsy - I don't like to walk either ... which could explain the size of my sit-upon, LOL!! The soup looks yummy - white beans are my favourites for soup too - they make any soup look fancy :D Chelsea is *stylin* with her boots and her new coif :)