Friday, January 9, 2015

Last Summer

Last summer I dabbled in making tote bags.  This one I really enjoyed creating because the fabric is so awesome.  Fall colors are my favorite plus images of crows, scarecrows, pumpkins, sunflowers etc make me smile.

I used a heavy jeans thread for top-stitching.  The blue is a heavy jeans fabric. Inside the bag is woven interfacing and a heavy fleece that keeps the bag from crumpling (is that a word?).  Both are fusible products by Pellon.

Inside has pockets and D-rings for hooking on key chains or what ever.  There are so many free patterns and video tutorials you could make a zillion totes, purses, grocery bags (you get the idea) without ever purchasing a pattern.

My favorite photo from last summer.  That's Moose in the background, Gypsy (my fun black girl) and Missy our lovely silver girl.

Missy has slowly blossomed from an injured limpy poodle girl to a happy bouncy smiling girl.  The injured leg is strong now, Missy actually runs and jumps into the air.
You can tell this area had lots of rain and everything greened up, grass growing faster than we could keep it mowed.
These big poodles are such a magical breed.  They are so tuned in, intuitive to the people around them. I'm not sure how well I could get along without their company.

Ah, today is a beautiful day,  cold and rain moved out so the front door is open for fresh air.  Too bad I need to go grocery shopping, ha.


  1. Ian't it amazing what some TLC will do for an ailing pup...and the TLC works both ways. I can't imagine life without the love of our animals! Such a cute tote bag! I have plans to get some made this year - they just come in so handy! Enjoy your 'open door' weather! There's not much of that around here lately! :)

  2. The babies are beautiful! You are such a wonderful person and I know that the main healing ingredient you give these babies are LOVE. God bless you! Love your bag, I'll bet the denim makes it super strong!
    Hugs, Mickie

  3. Great tote, and love the pics of the gorgeous critters :) Moose is such a fun name for a horse, and the poodlegirls are adorable - I'm glad Missy is doing so well :) She looks like the happiest pupper alive in that last picture!

  4. Love your tote and crazy good pockets inside. Best wishes.