Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mr. Pibbs

Pibbs needs a prayer from everyone.  He is very sick. Diabetes has been hard on this old kitty.  His insulin was raised from 3.5 units to 4 units a few weeks ago.  Blood sugar is still too high.  This morning he sicked up what little food he ate and was drinking lots of water.
 Emergency trip to vet this morning reveals dehydration.  Vet gave Pibbs a high protein paste supplement and IV fluids.  She declined to do a bunch of tests and make Mr. Pibbs miserable. He was sent home with supplement and fluids for us to give IV sub-q.  DH was also at the vet, he is very concerned about his kitty.  If Pibbs does not ralley tonight then he won't get better, there is no way to fix and also no "quality of life".

 I'm back home with Pibbs, DH went back to work, he has a very long and busy week.  I'm sorting thru some Connecting Threads fabrics, found these strips of Golden Age.  Jinny Doan has a new video for a different version of "Summer in the Park" that would suit this collection.  I'm adding the butterfly fabric in strips and maybe a border.
 Butterfly wings have a touch of purple that's not as obvious without a camera flash. I think it  should fit in with all the other fabrics even though no purple is to be found in this collection. Hey, it's my fabric choice- no quilt police here. (Smile).

I've been digging thru my stash to find all of the poodle prints.  I plan to make a few totes to donate to Arizona Poodle Rescue for selling or auctioning.  Been searching free (easy) bag patterns on line and also bought a few patterns from eBay sellers.  My stash is not full of poodle prints, not much manufactured over the years but as available, I purchase.  Applique looks like a good choice for some plainer totes, maybe even screen printing poodle silhouettes.
 Lots of ideas but going to start with THIS BAG to practice and then another  TOTE BAG to practice. Lots of stash fabrics to use up practice sewing, I can also get acquainted with fusible interfacing and adding a zipper.
Did someone say it's too hot to quilt?

Found in chicken coop last night. Dang thing was coiled up next to sleeping hens.  DH quickly dispatched the dangerous creature.

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