Friday, June 27, 2014

Mr. Pibbs Update

He is still with us but not sure for how long.  No vomiting and appetite is back.  But, Mr. Pibbs is not right. He sleeps more than usual and has an unwell look. I'll stock up more iv fluid bags for over the week-end. Dehydration is still a problem. DH will have to decide when it is time to let go.

Do you follow SEW for Home ? Lots of nifty ideas, projects, tutorials.  The vinyl see-thru pouch is the latest project and it has a very easy to follow tutorial.  I think you could use well pressed scrap strips in place of the ribbon.  A bias tape maker would be helpful (and I would use starch).   Here is - DIRECT LINK to the Pouch Project.  Projects change every few days..

I'll be babysitting Mr. Pibbs all weekend, hope to cut up some quilt kits and sew a little (to reduce some stress).
Thank you to every one that said a prayer for Pibbs and voiced concern for him. Comments and emails are very comforting.
And for the inquiry about that snake- It was a Diamondback rattler.  DH has made sure to study his snake skin patterns and head shapes. We don't want to "dispatch" or displace good snakes that help rid the yards of vermin. There are some Kings and a Coachwhip is back. Ick, saw the Coral but he lays low behind the horse barn. That one is shy and runs away, thank goodness.
DH was asking our veterinarian about poisonous snake bite and the poodles. One thing she said that stuck in my mind- rattlers roam in one acre territories. So, if we see one in our yard, that's its home. Dangerous situation, so best to be rid of it.  She has livestock at her house and the pigs kill rattle snakes. They grab and shake to death then eat the snake !  Gives me crawling skin Heebie-Jeebies to think about it.
Everyone, hope you have a safe and great weekend. *;) winking 


  1. More kisses and hugs incoming for my sweet friend Mr. Pibbs. I know the "he's not right" look, and I know how much it hurts to make the decision. He's lucky to have you guys - I know how well you take care of your furbabies, and how much they mean to you. I hope everything goes peacefully.

    I had no idea that pigs kill rattlers - who knew that bacon packed such a big punch, LOL!

  2. Still saying prayers for you all and especially Mr. Pibbs. I know how hard this is and sewing is a good therapy. Wow on pigs and snakes!!! I would be worried about my babies too. Here, we only have to worry about ticks (lyme disease) and skunks :(
    Thinking of you all this weekend! Hugs, Mickie

  3. Mr. Pibbs, like all your gentle beasts, has the best home possible! I'm sure they all know that, too. That pouch looks like a real winner.

  4. Hey just thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. Hugs and hugs, Mickie

  5. Thinking of you today...hope all is going well.