Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finished Stringing

All the blocks are sewn into a top, now I'm sewing borders.  This quilt is so not me but it was fun to sew strings.   My room was too bright for a good photo,  big glare spots showed up so I cropped just a corner and will get a better full photo next time.

The fabric was very stable (stiff) from tons of starch so I decided to not leave the foundations attached. Paper was very easy to tear away.
Uh-oh.  I used a glue stick to hold center strings and forgot to not press over the glue.  So glad I only used glue on three before realizing the iron would stick the glue tight.  Had to wet the glued parts to remove. I went back to pinning all those center strings. (LOL)

A 9.5" square ruler was perfect to trim these blocks to 8.5" size.

Missy report:
She is doing quite well.  Prednisone is given every other day to keep chest congestion down.  I've tried to wean her off but the cough sneaks right back.  More activity has made her leg stronger.  No visible limp when Missy walks, just a little more "waddle" .

Chelsea, Mouse and Gypsy stay very busy.  This morning they ran ahead of me to feed horses.

Everyone is groomed 'cept for Gypsy.  I started with her but she fought me like a tiger.  She hates the clippers and does not like being brushed.  Hated to do it but I clipped the ear hair off and will keep it short.  She needs finishing up but I may take her to Pet Smart for the rest of needed grooming.
  I think sometimes the poodle kids may behave better for someone else, I'm just a push-over.
*8-| rolling eyes

Weather has been warm but windy.  It's the kind of wind that stirs dirt into the air and keeps it there.  You can see airborne dirt almost hiding the Huachuca Mountains.  Usually the view is very crisp with solid blue skies.  If you drive away from our area and look back, it's just as bad, it's bad all over.
At least the area is greening up.  Weed grasses have started to grow from a rain two weeks ago.


  1. I like your strings, Deb! The string quilts are some of the hardest for me. By the time I'm finished there is so much mess everywhere! I've never used paper foundations. I usually use muslin, or fabric that's thin and too ugly to use anywhere else. ;) I watched the Ken Burns documentary about the dust bowl. I had not idea it was so bad. Hope your air clears up soon.

  2. That quilt is really cool! Love the colors you chose. Glad to hear Missy is staying to a minimal cough with some meds. Long term issues can be frustrating. We all just want to find the magic pill and fix our fur babies!

  3. Your blocks look wonderful! I may have to make a string quilt too - I've got lots of black on white prints left from a previous project and I like how they look with a bright color like orange.
    'Tis the time of year for dirt storms in the desert! :)
    I'm happy to hear that Missy is improving - your critters are blessed to have such a loving home. They look absolutely delighted to be 'helping' with the chores. :)

  4. The quilt top (corner) looks fabulous - and so do the puppers :) It looks like they're quite enjoying their job of feeding the horses, lol! Did you get Gypsy's grooming finished? BTW - I suspect that "warm" for you does NOT mean what it means for me, LOL. Here it's 2C (36F) - that's so much warmer than it has been in a long time, that we're almost giddy with happiness, LOL!

  5. What a beautiful wild space place you live in! Hope Missy gets better. Love to see all of the poodles together in the photo! The quilt is looking pretty!

  6. Beautiful pets, so glad your Missy's leg is going better. And I love your orange Strings, fabulous work. Great tip on using a glue stick.