Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Blues

Yesterday I sewed a few more blocks to make a good throw sized top.  It was actually fun to sew these kitty blocks, I was weary of them after so many different kitty theme swaps. LOL
Best way to sew these blocks is to line them all even at their top and then cut even along the bottom of each row.  Hopefully each row turns out to be even in width.  But, that usually is not the case with blocks sewn by so many different people. You just have to fiddle with seam sizes . 
Kitty pattern *HERE*  *;) winking

Pibbs and Chelsea enjoying remnants of lasagna.  He sure doesn't mind horning in.  That cat will eat anything the poodles eat.
Chelsea doesn't quibble with this kitty.

Look at the fat cat now.  We call him Pull-tab Pibbs.  His front teeth are so worn down that when he relaxes, his tongue slips out.
See that little yellow circle print next to Pibb's head? It's a permanent partial paw print from Gypsy's escapade with the paint pan in November.

 Today Cyber Quilters (YahooGroup) shared a link to Nancy Mahoney Designs and I'll share it  HERE  (click on "free patterns").  My favorite is the Fiesta pattern. The fabrics are pretty and the quilt looks relatively easy.

This week is poodle grooming week, later  (if it works out) I'll share pics of fresh, clean and stylish poodle-kids (ha, ha, who me?). Temps are warm enough for bathing now, so far the cold front has not dropped down to our area.
                                    *=D> applauseFeeling lucky about that !*&lt:-P party 


  1. I think the cold has finished with us now after a couple of really cold for us nights. I am not sorry to see it go. LOL I was laughing out loud at Mr. Pibbs. Sorry. It was just a funny pic. The blue kitties are so pretty. Thanks for sharing the link again. I want to make some of these. Going now to check out the Nancy Mahoney link. Thanks!!!

  2. Pibbs and Chelsea are so cute! I LOVE LOVE that blue tabby quilt! It is wonderful! Our boys need some grooming too, they are pretty dirty right now and could use a good grooming. It never ends with the poodles :) Our boys are bored because we have had below 0 degrees here and they haven't been able to be out much. Take care and good luck with the grooming!
    Hugs, Mickie PS: thanks for the pattern links!

  3. I love your blue cats. Wow, your puppy is so cute and huge. Pips and Chelsea are good friends, you got the perfect puppy. Happy New Year!

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