Friday, January 24, 2014


Decided to join the Friday Night Sew-In tonight ( hosting link here ).  It's been a while since I joined up.  Maybe I'll get those borders sewn around my blue kitties.  Saturday is when we share our projects.

 Mimsy has been sick but is getting better.   Last weekend she stopped eating and was holding one ear back.  Quick trip to vet revealed an ear infection causing Horner's Syndrome.   The link HERE explains the syndrome and shows what it looks like.  Mimsy's eye is getting back to normal and she is eating better with the help of an appetite stimulant.
My goodness, the vet trip was expensive- $485 just for the visit, blood tests and meds.  Shaking head......


  1. Oh my I remember those huge vet bills! Is Mimsy on Prednisone? IIRC, that's what our dear vets put Z on a few times when his appetite left him. I hope she continues to get better - she looks so soft and fluffy - I'd love to rub her belly :D Speaking of cats, I got a sweet surprise in the mail today - of the feline fabric kind - thank you so much - so pretty with the sparkles!

  2. Yikes. Had a few of those myself. But we love them, so we pay. Glad she's getting better.

  3. It's nice to get on with some sewing with others .. I find it always makes me plan something specific... Hope missy heals quickly... And your wallet too!!!!

  4. Yikes! That was quite a vet bill. I'm finally catching up on all the blog posts I've missed in the last few months. I do love hearing about all your pets. Hope the kitty has had a full recovery. She does look like a sweetie.