Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

What better way to start the new year but to work on a very old UFO?   I sewed the blocks together and thought the top was just boring, did not know what to do so put it away (= UFO).  Then  last week when perusing an old magazine, there was my idea........  A big rooster weather-vane silhouette on a scrappy quilt.  It was a huge rooster and I thought maybe a bit too big for my quilt top so I drew some smaller chickens and cut them for applique.
 Now that I've pinned the appliques...... they look kinda small !  LOL  Maybe I'll go ahead and use the original large pattern but will have to hit Hobby Lobby and buy more fusible.

 Christmas morning DH and I opened our gifts then enjoyed a yummy egg and sausage casserole with sweet rolls.  The new tree turned out nice once it had some decorations added.
 Pibbs watched, got bored and sleepy then settled on his favorite chair.  The greenery with candles is a gift from my sis and her hubby.  It really is nice and green, the flash just washed it out.
A few weeks ago we cleared out old books after painting (it really bugged me having to do that).  But it was time to clean out and move on.  Many books we donated to the library thrift shop.  I kept my two larger Ultrasound text books, could not bear to part with them.  Most of my nursing textbooks I gave away a long time ago, I only kept the big Med-Surg book.
*8-| rolling eyes Seems like a life-time ago I finished school and was soon working.  Didn't last long, the fibromyalgia came along and forced me to retire after just six years.  Oh well, was fun while it lasted and very rewarding.

 Last night we watched the Fox News New Years Eve Party in New York.  Kimberly & Bob of "The Five" were great. I felt kinda bad for those folks, standing in their party finery while freezing.   Bob was shivering so hard you could see it and Kimberly seemed to suffer from frozen mouth/ lips while she smiled and talked.  Gosh, I would have been bundled up in thermals and heavy woolies,  LOL.
 Love our Arizona skies, little bits of clouds make some pretty sunsets.  DH and I are still enjoying the warm weather, you never know when southerly winds will turn and blow from the cold north.  *'+_+ cold


  1. Loved reading your news. It is always hard to part with things that were so important in the past especially books, because they don't seem old like an old shirt. The shot of the sky is just amazing. Such great colour. I really like your quilt top. Adding appliqué is one of my favourite things. The block in the quilt is very interesting. I love the way you have put it together. We have some very warm weather. Not so enjoyable at present. January and. February are not the best months here. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! I hate getting rid of books too but sometimes it just needs to be done. I love the idea of applique on your quilt, maybe do a few chickens? It looks very cool! We are hunkering down and getting ready for another snowstorm and below 0 temperatures. Your sunset makes me yearn for spring!
    Hugs, Mickie

  3. Happy new year! HAHA I like the chicken appliques - they're fun! It's hard to get rid of old books - we have to do it to make room for new ones, but it's definitely a bit of a stress. I try to donate my craft books to the library if they're fairly current - otherwise I freecycle them. I need to work at doing projects from the wonderful books I've bought - they look nice sitting on the shelf, but they'd be happier sitting on my sewing table, being used!

  4. I like your chicken appliques. You know, chickens always make it better. :-) That sky picture is gorgeous. Happy New Year! Looks like you're off to a good start.