Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chilly Silly Snowmen 2014 BOM

Go *HERE* for pattern link and all, she has a great tutorial for the first section and you can see how cute the snowman faces are. Pattern is free until month's end so hurry! 

Is anyone else working on this fun Mystery BOM?  The first section is so cute!  I've never joined a mystery quilt sew along because I want an idea of what the blocks look like before choosing colors. This mystery shows the finished section ahead of having you choose and cut fabrics.  
 Here are my marked HST's,  (whoops) I cut the squares a bit too generous.  Figured that out when squaring them.  Oh well, my bad. The pattern does not ask for HST's, it was my choice to use them for block corners.
 Ready to sew together. There are seven of these blocks in the first section.
 This makes the face of each snowman, I still need to prep my orange fabric for carrot noses.

I didn't plot how I would sew the seams for neatly facing pressing.  My first sewn block (on the right) has seams joined and pressed every-which-way.  My block on the left has neatly joining seams.  LOL
 Next time I'll plot my chain piecing!  At least I only made one wonky block and I'm gonna pick it out.
My goodness the sunsets have been beautiful.  The below photo is untouched.  (It really is pink and lavender fading into blues).
 The moon this time of year is early rising over the Dragoon and Mule Mountains.
Landscape is crispy and dead looking, it will be nice to see living things green up for spring. Cannot wait.  We are experiencing warm temps but that could change overnight.


  1. OK I have to ask, from frigid frozen blustery Ontario - what are "warm temps" for you, and if it changes - how cold would it get? Enquiring minds want to know! Current temp here is 9F ... feeling like -4F - this morning it was 0F feeling like -18F, LOL. BAD BAD polar vortex!

    Your snowmen will be cute when you pick up some carrots at the grocery store and give them wee noses! ;)

  2. thats a lovely snowman quilt and I will enjoy watching yours grow..... I have to resist this one...
    such beautiful sunset pictures...

  3. Great snowmen! I think that is going to make a great quilt! :) I used to love making snowmen quilts for my Nana when I was taking care of her. They were her favorite. I long for warm temperatures and so do the dogs. Been too cold to walk them and the paths are full of ice and drifting snow. I'm hoping for an early spring and sounds like you are too! Reporting in at 2 degrees this morning and might get above freezing tomorrow! Hugs and keep on sewing! Mickie

  4. I am SO ready for Spring! Your snowmen are cute.

  5. Love your Chilly Silly Snowmen so far, glad you can join me and sew along! The sunset pictures are beautiful.