Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lots of Fun Stuff Today

Yes, another birthday last month. The pesky things seem to come along every year, don't they  ?!?!
My dear sister sends me a wonderful box of gifties every birthday. 
 Gypsy was very interested ;-).  My goodness, lots of sewing notions- great for my quilting obsession hobby. The light quickly came in handy since the bulb on my Viking just burned out. I always enjoy the pocket calendar and Daily Guideposts book.
 Geeze, this is a very nice Avon watch.  ( I sold Avon at one time and was my biggest customer).
 Is it ok to wear it with my best jeans and big-shirt? LOL, I'll wear it when going to dinner with hubby.
 *:D big grin  Thanks big sis- you always make my birthdays special !!!  *>:D< big hug

Chilly Silly 2014 BOM progress.

Egads, I had the hardest time putting theses blocks together. Simple sewing but the WOW kept getting sewn wrong side up and then I kept sewing my HST backwards. Finally made it easier by sewing the three WOW pieces into their center row then the sides.  The seem ripper in my b-day box came in handy.   (((sigh)))
 I rounded the carrot nose pattern. The pointy nose was so cute but I was not sure how to get my blanket stitch to look right when sewing around corners .
 The blocks are finished, eyes will be sewn on after the finished top is quilted.  I'm thinking about using little black snaps for the eyes. Plenty of time to think about it.
 Now to figure out how to post my row to the BOM Flickr page.

Yes, it does freeze in AZ.  Last night we had a little rain and lots of frost this morning.  My DH noticed the frost pattern on truck hood.  Snapped a quick photo before sun could melt the pretty swirls.
GO HERE to 2014 BOM Silly Chilly Snowmen   (Jan & Feb blocks).


  1. Happy belated birthday - I bet you had a great time opening the box of goodies from your sister :D Gypsy was certainly enjoying it too, lol! I share a birthday month with our oldest son so my birthday dinner is always with the 4 of us - I don't mind sharing, because when we go out for our anniversary, that one is just the 2 of us :) Also - he drives me Stateside for Joanns runs whenever I want, so I definitely don't complain about much, lol. Your snowman row is cute - I love that the noses go in all different directions. I need to try a blanket stitch with my sewing machine - when I applique I've only done satin stitch zigzag - the blanket stitch is a whole different look - less rustic, more country. I like it, although I'd be doing a lot of practicing before being brave enough to use black thread! Arizona frost is pretty - it's not so pretty here, when it's accompanied by 3 feet of snow and icy roads, LOL!

  2. Happy Birthday... wonderful goodie box and I love how your snowmen are coming together.... looks lovely already... amazed at that ice on the car...

  3. Happy Birthday!!! You made on the birthday presents, good work sister :)
    Love the snowman runner! It's going to be adorable! Here, we've seen too much of the white stuff so I'm not making any thing to do with snow (good project for a hot july though!). Another snow/ice storm today. The roads are terrible. Gorgeous patterns on the hood! Stay warm and safe! Hugs, Mickie

  4. Hoorah for gifts! They are what make birthdays fun. ;) Pretty watch and what nice goodies to play with, too. The ice etching is pretty. We had sleet this morning. Brrrrr!