Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Checking Out

My laptop has been giving me fits, router is going out. So, any time now there won't be a working computer in the house.  DH will have to buy a new router and then set the system up again. He said it will be a while cuz you don't just plug in and it works.  So this will be a last post for a while.

This paper pieced top has been languishing for so long I may use as a practice piece to learn a panto on.  I'm thinking a swirly pattern will look ok.  Hard part for me is choosing a panto pattern.  I follow some great quilting blogs and watch what others choose, that helps me decide. 
Just need to piece a backing, any bright color will 'probly be ok with such a busy front.  These were fun to sew and I added lots of novelty fabrics to what was swapped back to me.  

This is what happens when you stick your head in a juicy pomegranate.  The little white silky hens get that "Punk Rocker" look.
 I don't know how but after a day or so their feathers are  "un-sticky" and snowy white again. LOL

Missy is finished with her antibiotics. The cough never left. She had another test for Valley Fever that was negative again.  The test for   Ehrlichia was also negative.  Missy is taking a bronchodilator twice daily, it's helped a little.  Now she starts prednisone 2x daily and that is a final med to try as far as the vet is concerned.  Something damaged Missy's lungs so she is labeled with chronic bronchitis. 
Hopefully the pred will help and then she can be weaned down to a maintenance dose.   Mouse is on pred for his Addisons and tolerates it ok now.  He did initially gain weight and had to pee a lot but after several weeks he became stable, no more accidents and his weight has held steady at 30 lbs. Hopefully Missy won't struggle with side effects. She's such a happy and sweet thing, we just want her well.


  1. happy holidays Deb! We'll miss you while you are gone on hiatus. Hope all the critters stay healthy and happy and that your holidays is full of joy and comfort.

  2. If there was no working computer in my house I'd be so ugly it would be EPIC, lol. I have back-ups to my back-ups! At least it'll give you time to practice your quilting - no computer does tend to mean that other stuff actually has a chance to get done ;) Pomegranate rocker hen is adorable - you must have laughed when you saw her sticky UPDO, lol!! Poor Missy and Mouse - sending them maple syrup hugs - I hope their medical issues can get stabilized - it's awful having sick furbabies. Z was on prednisone a few times - so was I, actually, before I went on my fancy meds! In our cases, that was a mega-helpful drug!