Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back to Scrappy Stars

These blocks were close by the machine and I found (in my stash) the blue fabric for sashing, so started back to work.   Also found a great gold fabric for setting triangles, still need to cut that.  
 Quilt top will be three blocks across and four down for a sofa throw sized quilt.  Twelve inch blocks are very wide when sashed and set on point.  I'll have about ten extra stars so will perhaps make a second quilt some day. The stars are fun to sew and there's plenty of cut scraps for a few more blocks.


Pet parade-   Nice scene in the kitchen nook of two sleepy friends.
Mouse really does not feel comfortable around Mr. Pibbs.  He woke up and immediately realized he had company.  (Mr. Pibbs used his claws when first meeting the poodle kids. They did not forget).
So, now here is Mouse checking out options on where else to snooze.

Weather report for SE Arizona-  Last weekend was breezy but warm.  You can see Chelsea's tail and ears blowing forward from a SW wind.  DH was cutting shelves for a re-purposed cabinet.

This week was warm and breezy, yesterday clouds piled up enough to rain. It rained all last night and we are socked in with heavy rain today.  Temps will be dropping near freezing tonight with more rain Sunday.  Usually this time of year it's very dry.
By Thanksgiving the temperature will be back up to short sleeve shirt weather.  (If the weather guy on TV is correct and I hope he is). *;) winking


  1. Your stars look great! And what a lovely picture of the clouds! It's 16F here this morning and the wind chill is 4F. I'm ready for spring! LOL

  2. love your stars and they way you are putting them together.... I even have a box full of scraps cut to make those but haven't started sewing yet....
    such dramatic changes in weather.... thats a very effective cloud picture....

  3. We got hammered yesterday with a blizzard that included white-out snow blasts - hubby and I were out driving in it - it was UGLY!! I thought that both boys were safely at home so I wasn't worried, but when we got back home we realized that DS1 was out - yikes! I knew he had the snow tires on the truck but I was still nervous until he got home safe and sound :D

  4. Love the quilt! It's going to be a knock out! Poor Mouse, did he ever find a good place to sleep ? What a dear dog :) Glad you didn't get the white stuff (don't say the word) and hope one of us has a warm Thanksgiving we are awaiting snow storms from Canada (thanks to our mutual friend Sandra). Hopefully nothing will stick! Hugs, Mickie

  5. Your quilt is looking so good, Deb! Isn't that the thing about those scrappy quilts? They are so much fun to make that you end up with extras. I know that I have more components for another churn dash. I'm so glad I learned from you how much fun they can be!