Thursday, December 19, 2013

Almost Christmas

New router has our computers speeding along.  Now I can even watch video without lots of buffering. It's almost like having cable internet.  Yeah !

Christmas past.  First Christmas with our new fiber-optic tree.  Gee wiz, new technology back in 2004.  The tree was sparkly and beautiful.

Fast forward to Christmas 2012, the last year for our pretty tree.  I wish the fiber-optic sparkle would show up in photos. It was not cheesy looking at all.
 Last week the plastic stand broke while  DH was fluffing branches.  It shattered on two of the leg slots (this tree was very heavy).  No way to fix so a new tree was brought home.

No fiber-optic lights on this one.  It's a "chenille" tree, ends of needles are fuzzy to give a frosted look.  Guess we will get used to it, should look ok once decorated.
Old tree- RIP.
 This new tree is very lightweight, easy and fast to put up.   I'm still working on adding ornaments.

Ho-ho-ho, a Christmas Poodle !  Saw this tinsel dog on FB, then searched for one.  In all of SE AZ there were three left at a Home Depot in Tucson. 
 DH made a power drive last Saturday to pick one up.  Yeah!  I love it.  The poodle kids are not sure what to make of it ;-) LOL.

Missy update:   The prednisone has stopped the chronic cough Missy had. We are now in the process of reducing  dosage.  So far she is showing no signs of respiratory distress.
This little poodle girl has discovered squeaker toys.  At night she cuddles with her toy and then runs up and down the hall with it clenched in her mouth.  I'm glad she has found something entertaining. After all she is still a pup at age five.


  1. Aw glad Missy has found playing. You are really guiding her healing--both cough and emotional! Best Christmas news! Love your old tree but at this point of my life, I like the lightweight trees. We don't need to be lugging trees, it should all be fun. Are you going to hang your cat quilt up again? I really like it!
    Hugs and Happy Holidays, Mickie

  2. Welcome back, Deb - congrats on the new router - I'd be lost without my internet connection, lol. We had the internet + tv guy here yesterday and my internet was out for several hours - I was OK for that time but any longer and I'd have been checking my watch and glaring at him, HAHA. Just kidding - he was a very nice gentleman and he got us all fixed up with our new fancy television channels and features - I can PVR now - WOW!

    Pretty new tree, but that Christmas poodle is the star of the show! (S?)He needs a name! I'm glad Missy's cough is gone - I'm sure she's happy to be feeling better!

  3. That tinsel poodle is perfect! How fun. Glad your Missy is better. You are such a good "mother"!

    Merry Christmas!