Monday, November 18, 2013


Not much sewing going on these days.  I found a flannel top that just needs borders.  Kitty blocks are from a swap several years ago.   
 This will be a pretty fall throw for the sofa.  (so many projects to finish) !

Paint color photos.  Tried really hard to show the true color but it washed out with flash and then was too dark without.  Anyway, it's all the same paint color in dining room, nook and kitchen.
     This time of day it's a peachy pink (with flash)  LOL.

   Funny how the paint almost exactly matches my fall plate above the stove top.  The rest of the photos make the paint look dark and dismal.  But it's really not.

Paint color is a golden yellow called "Denver Omelet".  I found out that most companies do not make new paint colors, they just change the names. This color used to be called "Pulled Taffy".  Go figure.
 The color really sets off our framed tapestry near the dining table.  Wish the color would photograph better, oh well.  I'm really happy with it.  (And all the work and spills were worth it).

Pomegranate season is about over. The back yard tree had a bumper crop this year.   Fruits were ripening so fast, many were splitting open on the branches.  I shared with my neighbor and the hens were treated too.
Dear Missy is sick again.   Same symptoms as before, sounds like a very bad bronchitis.  She's been wormed again and is again taking antibiotics.  This time we started a bronchodilator and cough medicine for at night.  Missy's lungs look a mess on x-rays but she is slowly getting better.
Thursday she goes back to the vet clinic for a recheck and more tests.  We need to get to the bottom of this illness.  Missy still has a very good appetite and plenty of energy.  Her pink tongue usually slips out when she falls asleep *;) winking.


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  2. Get well Missy! I know that my mother in law started to use a humidifier to help her dog (and it worked). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color you chose! It is warm and happy, and goes so perfectly with your decor! You chose well! Enjoy those pomegranates: do you make jelly with them or juice? Have a wonderful day! So good to see you again!
    Hugs, mickie

  3. Love that wall color...the rooms look warm and inviting! Hope Missy will feel better soon...sending healing purrs to her!

  4. Awwwwwww too bad the spammer found your blog - creep! I'm so sorry about Missy - I hope you can find out what's going on - at least she's eating and can move around - that's a good sign. Good luck @ the vet's office on Thursday, Missy!

  5. The color you chose looks from here like it would be warm and happy in the cold weather. Love the cat quilt and what a sweetie Missy looks to be. Hope she gets all better real soon.