Thursday, October 31, 2013

Awww- It's Halloween Already?

Time has been really flying by.  Busy, busy around here.  DH is on his three week vacation and lots of projects are getting done.  He even pulled out Halloween decorations and made the living room very spooky .  Lots of items we have collected over the years, I enjoy the glowing pumpkins in a darkened room.
 Book shelves were cleared off for cleaning of walls, floors and weeding out books.  Furniture is pushed all over in different places for painting in kitchen and dining area. Just need to paint the nook area today and we can put things back.

Old sofas were donated to Salvation Army and replaced with new Dura Blend "leather" recliners and sectional sofa.
 Pibbs likes the recliner very much.  His diabetes has come back, he is on insulin again and blood glucose is tested twice a day. He's good about it, we are all in the routine now.

Chelsea went to the vet for a small surgery to remove a tumor growing on her face.  It ended up to be benign and just a tiny scar remains.  She also had a mesquite sticker break off between her toes on a back foot. The vet was able to clean and drain a big infection, then Chel was on antibiotics and she's good as new.
This sweet girl never did pick at or pull off her wound wrap.

I want to thank everyone that commented on Matilda.  Sorry I did not reply to comments, it was just to overwhelming to think about her passing.  Mattie's body was creamed and her ashes are with Wonky's ashes.  I think we will eventually scatter them together.
Oh well, off to paint. It will feel so nice to be finished!

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