Friday, October 11, 2013


Dear Matty crossed the Bridge this morning. It was her time,  the girl was ancient.  I know she will be happier now because life had tripped her up somewhere earlier.  She came to us fearful and wanting to hide from people. Matilda never did enjoy a human hand.
 Her safety place was on the sofa, tucked down at the end as far as she could get from us.

 She did dance occasionally, here I caught her spinning and hopping with Mouse (excuse M's bum shot).  Her favorite friend was Wonky, she used to run with him around and around the yard.
  Matty was lost after Wonky crossed the Bridge. I'm sorry I never did get a good photo of those two together.
 Oh yes, Matty was always happy at meal times too.

It was a long time before I trusted Matilda to walk with me to the barn.  I never could lay my hands on her outside.  She had to be willing to follow me where I wanted her to go, and she always stayed a good ten feet ahead or behind.

Matilda completely shocked me once when she caught a small rabbit.  She walked around the barn for an hour with the poor thing in her mouth.  I had to find a neighbor to help me catch Matilda and then pry her mouth open. The rabbit was dead by then.
I'll always remember Matilda at the barn with me.  She seemed a little bit more relaxed sniffing the hay and fresh air.
Run Matilda, run. Run with Wonky now- be carefree.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww there's the sad part about rescue and pets - when they cross over the the Rainbow Bridge :( RIP sweet Matilda - you were loved, and you'll be missed, and that's a good legacy to leave, sweetie :(

  2. So glad you guys gave her a warm, loving home here and that she had Wonky waiting for her to escort her across the Bridge. It comforts me to think of our four-legged babies being there, together, able to run with the wind...

  3. Bless her heart. You know poodles were once hunting dogs. I guess it came out in her. I hate that someone mistreated her. Glad you gave her a safe place for her latter years.

  4. It is hard to let them go. You certainly give them good homes.

  5. What a great home she had after her rough start in life. I'm sure she and her buddy are together again. That is such a blessing.

  6. Poor baby, it is sad when they leave........poodles are wonderful beings, they dance and whirl into our hearts where they leave such a strong forever bond. Matty found she will dance in the clouds with Wonky. Bless her little heart and yours for the love you gave her life. Holly and ICE

  7. aaah.. it is a sad time... Matty must have had a tough time before she came to you....

  8. Poor little thing. I hope she is running wild with Wonky too. It is so sad when our babies leave us. You gave her a wonderful home and comfort--and I know for this the Dog Gods will bless you and keep her safe.
    Hugs and hugs, Mickie