Monday, September 30, 2013

Long Time No Post (Again)

Has it been two weeks? (Guess so).  Been busy with sewing and other stuff, will share sewing.
Border choice for my "Mod" quilt.  Did not want to agonize selecting, just needed to be a black & white print.  So, I went to the new Hobby Lobby and grabbed a bolt that felt nice and soft. It was in the fashion fabric section (more pricey than 30% off section) so I used a 40% off coupon.
 My photo had sunspots (sorry), the new room is very bright today.  Anyway, I wanted a finish for September so I'll get the borders on by bedtime.  At least getting a top finished is a finish for me!
Will decide on a backing fabric soon. I'd like to quilt this as soon as I get enough practice on the HandiQuilter.

Silly mistake yesterday. From all those extra 2 inch squares, I grabbed the one I miss-cut.  Sewed it right into the sash strip.  Went to pin rows and....... what the heck?  There it was plain as day (using a measure tape).  Pick, pick, rip, rip, un-iron, re-sew, re-iron- all fixed.
 All things considered, this one was fun.  (Did I mention the block I totally ruined when squaring up? And then the mad search for replacement fabrics in my stash? Hope my selections don't stand out like sore thumbs!)  Later on I'll make another quilt from this pattern using from my brights stash. Maybe a kid-size.

Some damage I did at Hobby Lobby, black & white fabrics.  I want to finish at least one top for the B&W HeartStrings challenge, it ends October 31 and there are some prizes. Here is a LINK with info.  Then if you go to the most recent post you can scroll down and see a few photos of B&W tops and finished quilts.
 Bright stripe is fun fabric for a kids B&W.  Dang, there was only ONE YARD left.  Maybe she will get more in stock.  I'd like to bind the quilt with more of the fabric and even piece a back with some.
Obligatory pet photo: What goes on when they think no one is looking *;) winking.
Mouse was sleeping when he awoke to Mimsy rubbing her head on his feet, LOL! I just happened to be there and grabbed the camera.
Mimsy has a thing for the poodle kids. She enjoys napping close and always wants to snuggle at night. Every single poodle gets up and moves away from her.  Poor Mimsy.  I've seen her quietly sneak across the bed and lay down very softy to be close.

Other stuff I've been up to is over-doing. My back was feeling sore and then I leaned over a few days ago..... was afraid to stand up!  Painpainpain.  Vicoden has been my friend.  Slowly, slowly the pain and soreness is fading.  Hope the burning sensation does not turn to nerve pain.  At least I've been able to sew and dig in my scrap boxes, if I don't sit too long.  DH has been a great help (really).

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