Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Working On A Project

While sorting my stash I came across a stack of  Connecting Threads fabrics, "Hope Chest".  These were 10 inch squares I cut into five inch charms.  I'll be setting them into the X's and O's pattern  (link  HERE ).  
Fabric for the corners is a white Pique (I call it a waffle weave).  No idea when the fabric was purchased it just appeared in my stash. (LOL). 
Below is a closer look of corner squares. 

All (80) five inch squares have their corners sewn on.  Many still need trimming and pressing.
 Now I have to wait for some Fat Quarters from Connecting Threads.  They had a sale on fabrics that I hope will blend nicely with these Hope Chest fabrics (I want this quilt to be a nice big throw size).

Meanwhile I'll be working with these brights.  I found a Circle Quilt tutorial HERE.  It looks fun for a kids quilt.  I'm not sure about a white background, maybe a soft grey would not show dirt so quickly.
Quilts for Kids needs boy quilts, this one should make a boy happy (if the pink is removed).

Could not resist adding this shot of Missy. She looked so happy (and has learned to close her eyes just as camera flash goes off).
Missy has started her second round of antibiotics and ten days of Panacur (wormer) starts again tomorrow.
She started coughing a little last week so the vet performed a tracheal wash and sent some fluid to a lab.  The fluid was negative for any pathogens and no cancer detected.  Phlegm sample was pretty much sterile.  So, hopefully the second round of meds will completely nip this in the bud.


  1. Thanks for letting us know how Missy is, I think about her often! Your quilts are going to be fun fun fun! Like the idea of the grey background, will definately help with dirt :)

  2. Beautiful fabrics...I love how you can make your fabrics work together so well...that has always been a stumbling block for me!

    Glad to hear that Missy is doing better...hope this round of meds will give her the complete healing she deserves. She is so blessed to have found you!

  3. Glad Missy is doing so well, and I LIKE your fabrics for those quilts. Fun colors and patterns. Someone will be very happy with those. And......I spy a treadle!

  4. Fun fabrics - I agree about the white :D Now that you've reminded me, I need to go downstairs and find my container of Connecting Threads precuts too --- I bought some a year ago, and put them away for a future project. I'm not sure what I have down there - I remember there are 2 Christmas jellyrolls (destined for a Jellyroll 1600 quilt), some charm squares, possibly some nautical prints ...

    I'm so glad Missy is doing well - she looks so happy!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I love a happy doggy (or kitty) story :D