Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another Distraction

More sorting and digging in my stash- I unearthed these charms.  To me they have a very "Modern" look, no idea why I purchased them from an eBay seller.   (They are pretty fabrics, just not a combination I usually work with).  
Maybe I bought them because the pack she was selling for just $12.00 had 100 (5") charms. Wow, I thought that many could make a very nice (inexpensive) quilt top.
Then, a few days ago I ran across this blog post and it inspired me to get the charms sewn together.  I love how she set the blocks with black and white cornerstones and then a black and white border. 
OK, I can at least get these into a top, just need to rearrange some of the charms for a more balanced look.
Off I go to sew...........


  1. I love this idea! I love bright colors as well so to me, that is a fun quilt! Can't wait to see the final outcome! Hugs to you and the menagerie!

  2. Those are really pretty! I like the modern fun look they have, and that quilt you linked to works perfectly with the blocks and the sashes/cornerstones/border - can't wait to see this one finished :D

  3. That is a neat idea she had for the charms. I like your combination, and the price is certainly right! Can't wait to see your take on putting it all together.

  4. A wonderful idea! I love your colors that you chose. Cant wait to see how it all looks when it is finished.