Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bali Pops

 I purchased a half price Bali Pop from Fat Quarter Shop recently and those strips are so pretty.  Saving these to make the 4-patch quilt in Keepsake Quilting catalog.  (I was pining for that kit!).
 The pop set was $20 and background fabric $20.  The kit was over $100 so glad I waited for sales.

Finally clipped Gypsy and she is itchy.  I used a ten blade, next time I'll use a 1/4 inch comb with it.
 She's real pretty now and knows it.  LOL   (Still need to trim ears and tail).

Poodles wanted a ride today so we loaded up and bumpity-bumped to mail box.  Chelsea rode shotgun.
       Gypsy needs a pair of sunglasses, squint, squint!  Mouse is squished in there somewhere.  As little as he is,  the big-hearted kid holds his own when pushed by others.

Missy:  None of the meds were helping the awful cough, she was getting worse.  Bedtime was especially nightmarish with her lungs sounding full of fluid and her choking most of the night.  At one point I thought we would loose Missy.
Google searching sent me to PetMD,  and there I found the answer- an article about lung worms. Parasitic Respiratory infections to be specific.  Remember the vet report about Missy falling into the empty swimming pool?  She was pulled out covered in slime, worms and other debris.
We started treating Missy with a simple paste wormer, six doses/days so far and four more to go.  After just two doses the cough dramatically slowed, her chest was clearing (and she puked up dead worms!).  Today was her sixth dose and not a sound of a cough.

Nothing is slowing this girl now (except me). She wants to keep up with the pack but I'm holding her back.  She needs to finish up a few more days of antibiotics to keep infection at bay.
Silly girl was determined to cram into the back seat and get a window view.  And she did !