Sunday, August 18, 2013

Really needed something bright on the design wall.  These fit the ticket, bricks & stones from a swap.  There are two small "stones" for each larger "brick".   I hope to have enough for two kid sized quilts, one for Project Linus and the other for Quilts for Kids.
My stash has enough brights to sew more blocks if need be.  These were fun to sew and swap, everyone used really fun bright fabrics.

This ugly bug surprised me a few nights ago. It was late and I was on my laptop when something tickled my back. I reached around and felt something stickery making me jump up.  OMG it was a big nasty AZ centipede!  Thank goodness I was not pinched and injected with painful venom.
The darn thing fell onto my chair, jumped onto the floor and was moving fast when I conked it with the side of a fly-swatter.  Creepy crawly thing still was running after I almost cut it in half.  A squirt of Pinesol slowed it down. Yuck.

Missy update:  I was able to get Missy in to see the contract vet at Ft. Huachuca.  More chest films showed very "congested" lungs with a bit of fluid in the pleural area . Missy's cough started after her spay and dental, the vet said Missy could have vomited during surgery and that would cause aspiration pneumonia if some went into the lungs. So, now we are treating with antibiotics and the anti-fungal med for Valley Fever.
Sure hope all these meds get Missy well.  You can see she is working hard to get her breaths in. :-(


  1. Poor little Missy. I hope she gets better soon. I love the quilt blocks. They are simple but very showy and I don't even want to think about that crawly thing.

  2. Poor Missy, I just love her to pieces!!! Your quilts are going to be awesome! I love bright colors so those blocks are right up my alley, enjoy them!

  3. Poor Missy! She's been through so much, but it's great that this vet appears to have a solid solution for you. Good thing you didn't wait for the other meds to do the job.

    Here in New York, our centipedes are not so colorful or dangerous. Ours are just freaky looking with all those legs but totally harmless. Good thing I don't live there. I'd be spraying pesticides all the time.

    Love that quilt--truly eye candy! Your color choices are wonderful.

  4. Oh, bless her heart. I'm praying for her. Yes I pray for dogs and cats. And horses. I believe our God is concerned about what concerns us. Love the bright colorful blocks. They are just cheerful and I know what you mean - sometimes you just need bright! Yuck for the centipede. I think I would have had a screaming fit.

  5. Love the quilt blocks - fun and cheerful - perfect for kids quilts! That is one NASTY looking bug - I think I would still be screaming if that thing showed up in my general vicinity - SCARY. Amazing colouring though - wow! Poor sweet Missy - I hope the meds work quickly so she can get comfortable - I wish I could give her a big (gentle) hug :)