Friday, August 16, 2013

Finished Or Not ................

This Bittersweet top has been finished for a while but I feel like it should have borders.......... so I guess it is not really finished. I need to decide by the weekend and get it done so it can be mailed to Millie on Monday.
 I also need to piece a backing.  Seems odd to send a top out since I do have a frame quilting machine but  I just don't feel ready to quilt a top that is a gift for someone else.          ***********************************************************************
  All the poodles have learned to not chase the hens.  Missy was pecked on her nose a few times so she keeps her distance.

The hens and roosters mostly ignore the poodles cuz they have chicken business to attend to.

Missy and Gypsy like to hang around in the hen run while DH does chicken chores.
Look at that fuzzy Gypsy, she's due for clipping.  DH set up the grooming table last night, Gypsy goes under the blades Saturday.  She was silly about her feet and legs last time, I gave up so her feet are very furry.  This time Gypsy's face and feet will be clipped first and if needed we will stop there and start again the next day.  It's tiring for me to wrestle with this big strong girl.

Missy is going back to the vet clinic today.  She's been on her meds a little over two weeks with no improvement.   Maybe we are in too big of a hurry for the Valley Fever symptoms to subside but we want to be sure the treatment is correct.
Missy has bursts of energy, then sleeps hard for a couple of hours. Then Missy wakes up choking and coughing, it goes on all day and all night.

This amazing cloud formation grabbed my attention last night.    The top was lit up and the bottom was dark and dumping rain. So glad I was not out driving in that area.  Got caught in a burst of rain last week and visibility was almost zero.   You drive into a "waterfall" and out a few miles later.                                Sure hope it's clear for the trip to vet, heavy rain is in the forecast.  (((sigh)))

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