Monday, August 12, 2013

Fabric Find and More About Missy

Time has been flying by, where do the days go and how do they go so quickly?  My fingers are itchy to get back to patchwork but lately there are so many other demands.  Anyway...........

Last month I won a box (18 yards) of really nice big scraps from an eBay auction.  I'm thinking about sewing string blocks with these and could use the nice big piece of white kona cotton for center strings.
 No one else bid on the box, so for $20 plus shipping it was mine.  Seems I always read about others finding deals and I was missing out (boo-hoo for me).  LOL

Ooh, the box also had some flannels along with neutrals and two plaids ;-)
The seller has some nicee kits for auction, they are priced really fair and all fabrics are quilt shop quality.  If you want to check out the store go HERE. She also sells yardage at a good discount price.

More about Missy- (do not read if animal abuse is upsetting to you). *X( angry
This young poodle girl has been thru a rough time.  Her owners had started to neglect her,  vet records told a sad story. Missy ended up at a vet clinic after falling into an empty swimming pool.  She was badly matted, so much that her eyes were matted shut. I guess that is how she wandered into the pool.  Owner found Missy at the bottom in a few inches of slimey creepy-crawly foul water.  Back legs were spraddled out in a frog position and Missy could not stand up.  No broken bones were detected so Missy was shaved down, cleaned up and turned over to AZ Poodle Rescue.
I guess it was touch and go if Missy would recover. But after three days of tender loving care Missy got up.  This was back in May.  Now she is with us and we are trying very hard to let Missy know that she is loved and has a forever home.

On top of all of Missy's misfortunes she is now being treated for Valley Fever.  Oh, you should hear the coughing fits!  Very wet, junky and loud, very annoying to humans and poor Missy.  Lots of coughing still going on after two weeks of the anti-fungal med. Our vet says it could be a month or longer before there are results from treatment.
Missy is a trooper, she seems to carry on normally although we think she might be more active if not for the illness. Missy is very stiff-legged in her back legs, her left side is favored and sometimes she limps after laying on that side.  She still likes to go out front, watch hens and snoop around. 
All plans put aside for today, my Jeep (aka Poodle Mobile) has picked up a nail.  Husband put the flat tire in back of truck so I can drive into town and get it fixed. Always something!


  1. What a sad story behind Missy but I can't think of a better place for her to be... you are so loving to the dogs.... great fabric win... well done...

  2. Such a sad story about Missy but I'm glad she is doing better. well done on your fabric buy. Have fun.

  3. I'll never understand how people can mistreat their own pets. Inconceivable. And what a great buy on ebay!!! Can't wait to see what you make.

  4. Well that made me cry, poor Missy. Deb you are an angel and I know there is a special place in heaven for the work you have done helping God's creatures. Massive hugs, Mickie
    PS, love the fabric, it is awesome!