Sunday, July 21, 2013

Say Hello to Missy

Isn't she a beauty?   Her personality matches.  Missy has been through a lot but was lucky enough to fall into the loving hands of APR (Arizona Poodle Rescue).   On Saturday DH and I  drove up to the outskirts of Phoenix to meet transport- Thank you Gwen!
 Missy made herself right at home.  All the poo-kids gave her a warm welcome (lots of bum sniffing you know).  Then everyone toddled off to show Missy the yard.  

This morning she had a good look at Moose and Dreamer. I was inside the field, feeding hay and fixing fly masks.  Missy did not bark, she just looked very thoughtful.
 The long six hour round trip was tiring for me even though DH did all the driving. He had a bike trip planned but it was rained out and we ran into that rain on the way home.  75 mph traffic slowed to a 40 mph crawl as the cloudburst swallowed us up.  Thank goodness it only lasted about 20 min. and it cooled everything with a nice rain smell.

Clouds and rain make for such beautiful sunsets.  This one is untouched from my little camera.
More in a few days.  I'll report back on Missy and the gang plus hope to have some quilty stuff to share.  Lots going on and I'm feeling like I can barely keep up.


  1. She is a beauty! And she looks so intelligent.


  2. What an incredibly beautiful dog. (Of course I would think so) You can just see the wheels go round in her head.

  3. She's such an elegant looking girl - what a beauty! Hi, Missy - I'm glad you've found your forever home - I'm sure you're going to love it there!! Sending you maple syrup welcome hugs {{{{{Missy}}}}} :)

  4. Missy is a beauty, as is that sunset.

  5. She is adorable. I am glad you found another poodle, she look so sweet.