Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gifted Fabrics :-)

My blog friend Elaine over at  Muddling Through sent me a surprise gifty.  Check out these bright & cheery Laurel Burch prints. She is one of my all time favorite designers.

Love the kitty prints,  all pieces are fat quarters.   Ooh, it's going to be hard to cut into these fabrics.  I'll have to let them marinate for a little while and decide what to use them in.
                                                                   *;) winking
My husband found this hanging out near the front door a couple nights ago. Looks like it was heading to ring the bell.  Next morning the critter was gone but I wonder how close it still is.
 Driving home from town I saw another one crossing the highway (no I did not run him over).  So far they all have been Arizona Blondes.  Last year there were reds and browns.  But the season is early and I'm sure many more will cross our pathways.  I'll never get used to these tarantulas but would rather run across them over a rattler any day.

A fun photo of Gypsy.  When dinner time rolls around there she is to stare me down until I get up to fix poodle food. LOL  The other poo-kids sleep until hearing food bowls being stirred.  This Gypsy girl is still a bit shy, she may always be.  Seems like she was not "touched" much, she doesn't like to be hugged and kissed.  Sometimes I cannot help myself but to reach over and hug or give her a smooch.  Then she scoots across the sofa and stares at me. But, ha-ha, she is not too shy to sleep on my bed.

We heard back from the rescue group about Mirabella.    She had many local families interested in adopting her, even with the blindness issue.  I am glad for her and it makes me feel good knowing there are so many people that are willing to take a special needs dog.
*News Flash*  We are adopting a standard girl from the Arizona Poodle Rescue. More about "Missy" once I know more.


  1. Those are some gorgeous fabrics! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. I know how you feel about cutting into them, though. I'm always afraid that another project will come along that will be even more perfect for them right after I've used them.

    Gypsy is looking quite chipper in the photo!

  2. Your Gypsy sounds like our cat Chloe! She is a lot more affectionate now than she used to be, but it is still on her terms and timing - not mine. Glad you like the fabrics. Have fun with them.

  3. Lovely fabrics, not so lovely arachnid *yikes* :D I'm a hugger and a kisser - my cats were both used to being loved on all the time - Zoomer was a real snuggle bunny! Sad that Gypsy wasn't used to being touched - I hope, in time, she'll come around - there's nothing like a good snuggle with a furbaby!

    Sorry you're not getting Mirabella - I know she would have had a wonderful forever home with you, but I'm glad that there were others willing to take care of a special girl. Can't wait to see Miss Missy!

  4. Enjoy your beautiful fabrcs from Elaine, she is such a sweet lady. Sorry you could not get Mirabella. Wishing you luck with the adoption of a standard poodle. Can't wait to see pictures of her. Is she white or black?

  5. The fabric is so vibrant and cheerful. The tarantulas are crawling here as well. Sorry you could not get Mirabella.