Sunday, July 7, 2013


 First I want to share my next (?) project.  The playful use of Shoo-fly blocks caught my attention.  I'll be digging into my stash to find fabrics for this.  

Summer in our part of AZ means rain (weird huh?).  It's like living in Florida or one of the other hot humid southern states.  I'm always thankful for the rain, it is so needed for our wells, plus the wildlife thrives and landscape turns green.  So far each rain has been a super cloudburst, water flows across the ground like ocean waves. Below is our side lane  turned into a small river.  We have two swales, one above the barn and one below so water can flow onto the wash but it's rained too much too fast.

Silly backyard roosters take refuge under the pomegranate tree and get soaked.  They have a coop to get  into, also a shed to go under.  Oh well. *8-| rolling eyes

Rain brings out these crawly critters, first one we've spotted this year.  He was crossing the dirt road  at mail boxes.  This one is an Arizona Blonde.  Gives me hee-bee-jee-bee jitters.

 After the rain husband and I piled poodles into Jeep.  They had cabin fever from rainy weather so we putted down dirt road to mail boxes, they always enjoy the ride.  That's Chelsea,  Gypsy and little Mouse Man.
 Amazing how a short jeep ride makes them all so happy.  It was just cool enough to roll windows down and get a (humid) fresh breeze.

And some (secret) news-  This little girl is Mirabella.  Husband and I have applied to adopt her.  She is a standard poodle,  about seven months old.
 Her coloring is called "phantom",  it's a rare poodle color (and is considered a major fault- can anyone believe that!).  I think her color is very pretty,  we both think she is a beauty.  Sad thing is Mirabella is going blind.  She was the only survivor of parvo in her litter.  I'm not understanding how that works but we don't care about the blindness.  
 We have lots of room for this poodle kid, she will probably be our last adopted poodle.  Mirabella is an out of state adoption, it takes a while for the process. We really, really hope she comes to live with us.  Hope to hear something next week.


  1. Love the new project... so effective with the different size blocks... hoping to hear Mirabella comes to you... I can't think of a nicer home...

  2. We are having a rainy season as well--almost every day. That, however, is unusual for upstate New York.

    Hope Mirabelle is able to come live with you guys. I can't believe they would find a better home for her anywhere else.

  3. I'm glad you have rain. My brother's part of Arizona is deathly dry.

  4. HAHA the poo-kids look like they having a great time in the jeep --- "YAY, mom and dad are taking us on a mailbox adventure, wooooooooohooooooooooooooooo!!!" :D Mirabella is a pretty girl - I hope she gets to stay with you for her forever (furever!) home - keep us posted! And stay away from those huge spiders - that is one scary looking (although probably completely harmless) beasty :/

  5. I like your new project, the different size blocks will make one pretty quilt! Your fur kids are adorable and I hope the adoption goes through for you, Mirabella is a cutey!